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April 1, 2014


In This Issue

  • Managing alfalfa for higher yields
  • Trends in used equipment
  • Hay preservation with propionic acid
  • Purchasing farmland


  • Alfalfa stands thin out over time, often slowly but sometimes suddenly. And as stands decline, tonnage and economic returns decline with them. When yield gets too low, the usual suggestion is to plant new fields to alfalfa, but sometimes factors like the immediate forage need, the cropping plans or field location make this suggestion undesirable.

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  • When was the last time you Googled the name of your farm or business? Chances are something appeared in the results. In agriculture circles, you often hear about the importance of online and social media presence in the context of advocacy and connecting with consumers for conversations centered on our food supply.

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  • Bacteria, fungi and other very small life forms live all around us but are invisible to the naked eye. These microbes can be found virtually everywhere, including on plants, in soil and in the forage we put into silos. Microbiologists’ understanding of the powerful role of these microorganisms in silage fermentation is growing every day.

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