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  • Meadow fescue may be ready for planting in 2017. Learn more about this variety and whether it’s a fit for your pastures.
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  • Boshart Family
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  • high-sugar grasses provide extra sugars
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  • Is the market price for hay lower than your cost of production? Do you know your cost of production? I suspect many of us have not calculated it for a while. I recently went through the process of updating a budget for irrigated alfalfa hay in southern Idaho.

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  • What’s a two-bucket gal? A two-bucket gal is a woman who can do two or more things at once: helping on the farm, no matter what the job; wash the family’s greasy clothes; have lunches ready; run the tractor, grain cart or whatever needs running; manage the house; and be the glue of the family.

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  • Like many areas, pasture productivity in Virginia is inconsistent. More often than not, we have a glut of grass in spring which is hayed from pasture only to be fed out later in the year – as early as September in dry years.

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