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  • It’s hard to imagine winter is coming when fall is just beginning. However, preparing for the winter survival of your alfalfa stand begins now. Your late summer and fall alfalfa management strategy can have a large impact on spring regrowth and next year’s yield potential.

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  • Humans are creatures of habit. We grow up believing and doing one thing without really giving it much thought. Take putting on pants for example: Do you put your right leg in first or your left? In many cases, it is the same with pasture management; it becomes a regular routine, and unfortunately, some practices shouldn’t.

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  • Every year at the end of the harvest season, we hear, “Next year we are going to (fill in the blank); we just didn’t have time this year.” Now is the time to fill in that blank for corn silage. Here are five of the “blanks” that need to be filled in before harvest starts.

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