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Current Progressive Forage Grower Magazine Preview LATEST ISSUE

July 15, 2015


In This Issue

  • Hay pricing insights
  • Silage inoculant decision tree
  • Custom-grazing dairy heifers
  • Silage avalanche dangers


  • Wyoming hay is an easy sell to horse customers, dairy and beef producers alike. The high plains and mountain valleys of Wyoming are close to perfect for high-quality alfalfa and alfalfa-mixed grass production.

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  • It has been difficult to make good hay across a large geographic area this spring and summer. Repeated rains, high humidity and reduced sunshine have prevented many growers from finding long enough dry spells to get hay dry, or even to dare cut their hay.

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  • A most common question that is received at local extension offices during hay-making season begins with the phrase, “I just baled xx acres of a nice orchardgrass-fescue mix,” followed by the question, “What is my hay worth?”

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