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  • Cows graze cornstalks
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  • Triticale is often harvested in early spring
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  • Goats and cattle graze together
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  • For most grain and livestock producers, the only time you want to hear “frosted” and “corn” in the same sentence is when you are thinking about breakfast cereals. However, due to late planting in many areas and cooler than normal temperatures in August, frosted corn may be a reality in many locations. Will your crop mature before it frosts?

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  • Without question, the interest in cover crops is for soil health benefits. However, using cover crops as a tool to improve soil health is a long-term investment with additional costs of production. It is necessary to understand that changes in soil health resulting from cover crop management can take several years or decades to happen.

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  • Hay is often priced by what your neighbor is selling it for down the road. After all, if their price is cheaper than yours, they will probably make the sale before you. But are the consumers really getting what they paid for?

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