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  • Devin Park, Scott Glen, Jake Naughton and Kim Summers
    From sagebrush to alfalfa at Knott Creek Ranch Read More
  • Rows of planted small-grain rye in a bermudagrass field
    Sod-seeding small grains into bermudagrass pastures Read More
  • Chopping corn
    Corn silage decisions in lean years – save a buck or lose a bushel Read More
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  • “Off with their heads!” is the trademark phrase of the Queen of Hearts, a vile and loathsome character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Whenever she was even slightly annoyed by one of her subjects, she would command this terrible fate for them. This is obviously not a good character trait, unless one applies the “off with their heads” philosophy to tall fescue. As it turns out, headless tall fescue is greatly beneficial to animal performance.

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  • Merle Rabenberg left his home farm in southwest Minnesota in 1982, the same day he began dreaming of the day he would return.

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  • With the low hay prices of 2016, some producers may be thinking of trying to get into the organic hay market. Organic farming systems rely on practices such as cultural and biological pest management, and virtually prohibit synthetic chemicals in crop production and antibiotics or hormones in livestock production.

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