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  • 50 cover crop varieties were planted with a no-till drill
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  • Not all tehcnology works for every operation
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  • Sharp cutting tool
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  • You don’t need me to tell you that 2016 has been a little rough. After dropping out of record-setting prices in many segments of the agricultural industry, it has been painful to watch many of those prices soften.

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  • Everyone should have inventoried, sampled and tested each lot of hay by now. Regardless if you market your hay or use it yourself, a forage inventory complete with quality tests is essential to making informed decisions. A test is a no-brainer for marketing purposes. How do you know what each lot is worth without a test?

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  • Back in May, we had an excellent first cutting of hay, and farmers in our area of southeast Ohio had well above average yields. Many of us commented that when we have good yields, we usually need it, so many were preparing for the likelihood of a drought.

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