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  • Custom haying business
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  • Harvesting Triticale
    There’s a new feed in town: Triticale to the rescue Read More
  • Alfalfa weavel
    New biological tool for managing alfalfa weevil Read More
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  • Picture this: a tall, green field of corn growing like glory but struggling with what looks like a serious weed problem. Hang on a minute – those aren’t weeds, they’re alfalfa seedlings. Come again?

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  • Heavy clay and variable to wet soils present a conundrum – while they often need the closest management, they are at the same time the most challenging to manage.

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  • When it comes to selecting accounting software, think about where you are now and where you eventually want to end up. If you are just new to the computer, buying a comprehensive and complicated financial package will probably leave you frustrated and without any useful records.

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