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Terra Novo adds SoilMAX Plus to its line of ag applications

Terra Novo Published on 06 June 2013
SoilMax Plus

Terra Novo, a manufacturer of erosion and sediment-control products in Bakersfield, Califiornia, is adding SoilMAX Plus to its line of soil-stabilizing polymers for agricultural applications.

The new formulation stabilizes farm, turf and nursery soil structures for increased water infiltration and nutrient movement through the root zone while protecting the soil from crusting and erosion, according to the company. 

The product can be easily added directly to soil, worked into the ground during field preparation before planting or the first irrigation.

It keeps soil soft and conditioned, stops the formation of a crust, reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation and decreases the labor and equipment costs typically associated with ground preparation.

It also stops field erosion, keeping pesticides, fertilizers and nutrients from running off. By working directly on the soil, SoilMAX Plus reduces costs and maintains aggregate stability and porosity so that water goes directly to the root zone.

Terra Novo manufactures four different additives: SoilMAX, SoilMAX Plus, SoilMAX Liquid and SoilMAX Plus Liquid.  FG

From Terra Novo news release