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  • Something stirs inside a man to use large tillage or hay and forage harvesting equipment. It’s a feeling of controllable power. One person can manage an incredible amount of work from the best equipment the world has ever known.

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  • Many forage growers have recently had “sticker shock” at their ag-supplier’s counter. The best varieties are considerably more expensive than what most growers have grown accustomed to paying. Consequently, some forage growers have been tempted to either use inferior varieties or substantially reduce seeding rates in the superior varieties to save on seed costs during establishment. But, there is a difference between cutting costs and cutting corners.

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  • Using tillable acres to provide feed for cattle while still harvesting a cash crop is becoming a popular goal for producers. A growing question from farmers is, “What options do I have for producing forage in the off-season?” In the Midwest, the most popular choices are cereal rye, triticale and wheat.

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