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  • The cost of hay and feed for winter supplementation is one of the largest expenses for cattle producers. Stockpiling bermudagrass or bahiagrass fields for grazing use in the winter can help save on hay cost and labor. You can expect to get 30 to 60 days of grazing from this practice, but to do this you need to follow a few management steps.

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  • If attending a planning and zoning meeting ranks right up there at the top of your list of exciting things to do, then, baby, you’re on the right track applying manure to your fields on a chilly morning with the wind blowing straight toward your neighbor. Just remember (when you’re sitting in that planning and zoning meeting defending agricultural practices and thinking you’d rather watch paint dry), you asked for it.

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  • I review and draft a lot of contracts. Many of these agreements are in the ag technology space, which presents unique drafting challenges.

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