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  • Taking advantage of planning opportunities now will set your forage/grazing operation up for success come spring. Here is a list of things you can do now that will help ensure a successful growing and grazing season.

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  • As we approach the fall cover crop planting season, the industry is starting to see shortages of a few different crops like radishes, hairy vetch and annual clovers due to the record amount of acreage that was planted last year as part of USDA’s prevent plant program.

  • “You cannot manage what you do not measure.” It’s a phrase that rings true and one that every soil lab knows well. Another common message proclaims: “Soil testing doesn’t cost, it pays!”

  • There are a good many lessons I learned hoeing tobacco. One thing I learned early on was: If you picked out the lightest hoe, so it would be easier to carry, you soon found out the lack of weight meant you had to work harder to cultivate the soil.