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New Holland DuraVee trailing wheel rakes

Published on 15 September 2014
New Holland wheel rakes

New Holland’s new DuraVee wheel rakes are built for the rigorous demands of hay growers who require simple, high-speed, high-volume raking. They are offered in seven models with maximum raking widths from 17 feet 5 inches (eight wheel) to 36 feet (20 wheel).

Strengthened components, like thick frames and heavy-gauge steel tubing for wheel supports, enable these rakes to withstand high-speed operation in varying field conditions.

“These folding ‘Vee’ rakes are built to handle the rigors of tough conditions and high-speed operation,” says Michael Cornman, dairy and livestock marketing segment leader. “There’s a wide choice of raking widths in the DuraVee line, so there’s a model that’s perfect for just about any size haymaking operation.”

Easily adjust windrow width
Windrow width can be easily adjusted to produce uniform rows of hay ranging from 3 to 6 feet wide. The rake arms are adjustable, so windrows are easily adjusted to crop and field conditions, from a fluffier windrow that promotes additional drydown to a tighter windrow to help retain moisture or reduce the potential for windrow wind damage.

These models feature a standard ratchet-style adjustment lever at the back of the rake, while an optional hydraulic cylinder is available to allow the operator to easily control windrow width from the comfort of the tractor seat. Flotation springs on each rake wheel provide the right amount of pressure and are all connected to one centralized crank screw for fast adjustment.  FG

—From New Holland news release

Photo provided by New Holland.