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New hay and tillage equipment rollouts

Published on 10 September 2015
9RX tractor series

John Deere 9RX tractor series

Even though large tractor sales have slipped in recent months, you’d never know that by John Deere’s new product releases.

Big just got bigger. John Deere introduced a new line of tractors featuring a positive-drive track system. The four 9RX series models range from 470 to 620 engine horsepower (PowerTech PSS 13.5-liter engine or Cummins engine), with the track systems to handle large implements in the field.

Also available on the new models are the AutoTrac guidance, JDLink Connect information manager and articulated steering. The track belts feature puncture-resistant rubber, available in 30-inch and 36-inch widths.

John Deere 6E tractor in field

John Deere 6E tractor series adds three new models for the hay market

Expanding the mid-range tractor series, John Deere adds three tractors ranging from 105, 120 and 135 horsepower. These tractors have two transmissions available: The 24/12 Hi-Lo option gives operators 11 working speeds in the 5 to 13 mph haying range, with the ability to shift on-the-go to match field conditions, and the standard 12/12 transmission gives operators six working speeds in the haying range. These models will be available for November delivery.

Fendt 500 Vario loader bucket

AGCO – Fendt releases mid-size tractor 500 Vario

Making long days in the field more comfortable, Fendt (brand of AGCO) releases a mid-size tractor with 110 to 150 horsepower. Able to handle field work, as well as light ranch chores, the 500 Vario includes the VarioGuide automatic steering system, Variotronic automated operating sequence system and VarioDoc documentation system for wireless transfer of all task data. Improvements also include cab design, with an undivided windshield and 320-degree horizontal visibility. The tractor has a road speed of up to 31 mph.

triple-mounted mower-conditioner

New triple-mounted mo-co added to John Deere lineup

Five. That’s right; five new mower-conditioner models have been added to John Deere’s lineup. Wider cutting widths highlight the models, from 10 to 11½ feet widths. A triple combined configuration of front and rear mower-conditioner models equals 28.5 feet, 31 feet or 32.5 feet. The models also feature a new ground pressure cylinder, so producers can make precise ground pressure adjustments in seconds.

Massey Ferguson 4600M Series utility tractor

AGCO – Massey Ferguson introduces 4600M series utility tractors

Massey Ferguson is calling this year the “year of the utility tractor” as it introduces the 4600M series with models ranging from 70 to 99 engine horsepower. The 4600M series replaces the 4600 series and was designed for loader work, hay production, mowing and other farm use.

The 4600M series targets the “hobby farmers and rural lifestylers,” according to marketing manager Warren Morris, as he notes those growing sectors. The series has a combined 3,300- or optional 4,400-pound lift capacity. Powering the series is a Tier 4, three-cylinder engine from AGCO Power.

Sunflower 6830 rotary finisher

AGCO – Sunflower announces vertical tillage tools

Sunflower adds three implements to its tillage line with the SF6830 high-speed rotary finisher, the 6610 vertical tillage tool and the 4630-09 disk ripper.

The SF6830 has high-residue flow capabilities, combining four types of rolling-ground engaging tools into a three-step process. Using 20-inch blades, disc gang reels and wavy coulter blades, it sizes crop residue and fractures the soil to provide for root development. These are followed by rotary spider tines, which add the seedbed finish

The Sunflower 6610 provides the same residue and soil preparation but comes in a smaller package, with 11 and 14-foot operating widths.

The Sunflower 4630-09 disc ripper achieves three tasks in one pass: crop residue management, breaking up soil compaction and seedbed preparation. It is available in models ranging from seven to 13 shanks, with three models in folding configurations. Gang depth is controlled from the cab and adjusted independently of the ripper shanks. Four optional finish attachments are available, tailored to soil types and crop residue.

John Deere 459E round baler

Round baler model 459E introduced by John Deere

The 2016 John Deere lineup includes the 459E round baler, which features an edge-to-edge net wrap option. The baler is designed for 4-by-5 bales and is available with either twine or net wrap options. It also sports an adjustable hitch at a height of 16 to 18 inches. The edge-to-edge net wrap option affords baling at higher speeds, compared to twine baling.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by John Deere and AGCO Corporation.