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Move three to five bales at once

Published on 10 May 2012
Bale mover

Save time and netting on big round hay bales with Joel Schreurs’ bale spear. It has three double spears to handle three bales at a time.

The Canton, South Dakota, inventor came up with the idea as he watched a neighbor use a double spear.

As the neighbor speared the second bale, Schreurs noticed that the first bale rubbed on the ground and tore the netting.

Schreurs’ patented Model 332 has wings on both sides so the bales can be lifted off the ground before spearing the middle bale. Or, all three bales can be speared and lifted at the same time.

Click here to see a YouTube video of the Model 332 in action.

The spear setup works on category 2 or 3-narrow 3-pt. hitches of 120hp or higher tractors.

“If the tractor is big enough, you can take two more bales on the front also,” Schreurs says, making it possible to move a total of five bales at one time.

Two long spears go through each bale for stability. The 1,100-pound set of spears is made of 5-by-7-inch, 3/8-inch tubing and is powder coated and painted to match any model tractor. The wings fold up when traveling on the road or through gates.

Schreurs sells Model 332 for $4,100 and delivers as far as 300 miles from Canton. Other transportation can also be arranged.

For more information about A Bar J Bale Spears LLC, email Schreurs or call (605) 940-0879.  FG

—From A Bar J Bale Spears LLC news release