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March 2019 new product rollout

Published on 05 March 2019
Kinze 4700 planter

Kinze introduces 4700 Planter

Kinze Manufacturing launched its new 4700 planter model at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

The 4700 model is a newly designed 20-inch planter for those requiring narrow row spacing. Key features include:

  • Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive and True Depth downforce, which deliver control and precision with ease of use
  • Three-section frame with 15 degrees of tool bar flex up and down for superior ground contact
  • 120-bushel bulk seed fill capacity with hydraulic weight transfer (standard)
  • 600-gallon liquid fertilizer tank (optional)

The new planter will be offered in a 36-row, 20-inch configuration with the Kinze 4000 series cast row unit in the first year. It will be available for the 2020 planting season. The planter will be offered in 24-row, 20-inch and 24-row, 30-inch configurations in the future.

Belle Motor

Introducing the first 100-horsepower, single-phase motor

Single Phase Power Solutions introduced the world’s first 100-horsepower, single-phase electric motor. The Belle Single-Phase Motor uses Written-Pole technology to deliver a 100-horsepower, single-phase motor that is compatible with readily available single-phase utility services. The utility-friendly starting and operating characteristics provided through the use of Written-Pole technology minimize voltage sags and flicker on long single-phase distribution lines. Ideal for industrial applications in areas where three-phase power is not readily available or cost-effective, this revolutionary technology eliminates the need for phase converters or complex variable frequency drive installations.

Rated as a 100-horsepower, 460-volt, 1,800 rpm electric motor, this innovative design delivers 95.5 percent efficiency at rated load with a near-unity power factor. The NEMA 449T frame motor weighs about 2,700 pounds and draws just 170 amps at full load.

Available in ratings from 30 to 100 horsepower, Belle Motors are ideal for many industrial, agricultural, mining, municipal and oil and gas applications such as pumps, compressors and injection wells, as well as blowers, fans, dryers, water and wastewater processing, and more.

The inherent soft-start characteristics of the motors provide low starting demands and flexible starting characteristics that are compatible with utility power quality requirements. The low in-rush, soft-start design allows many high-inertia loads to be started without overheating and supports the capability for instantaneous restarts following momentary power interruptions without risking damage to driven equipment.

BiG M 450 Self-Propelled Mower-Conditioner

Krone BiG M 450 rolls into hay fields

For North American hay producers looking to maximize their return on investment, Krone is pleased to introduce the new BiG M 450 Self-Propelled Mower-Conditioner.

The new mower-conditioner lets producers mow and condition more acres – faster and resulting in better quality hay – than ever before. That means hay growers can harvest a higher quality hay crop faster, and in doing so, beat tight weather windows.

The new BiG M 450 CR model – featuring intermeshing, chevron-pattern rubber or steel conditioning M rolls – creates three equal-sized windrows for faster, uniform drydown.

Cut 36-feet, 7-inches wide when choosing the CR model, featuring intermeshing, chevron-pattern rubber or steel conditioning M rolls. Cut 32-feet, 6-inches wide when choosing the CV model, featuring V-tines.

Choose from several swath formation options. Match rake widths, and merge all crops into one windrow for chopping, or lay the hay out wide for fast drydown and baling.

Mow at speeds up to 15.5 mph. Stepless Bosch Drive System creates a smoother ride with no shift points, reducing fuel consumption. New traction control system further improves performance.

Heavy-duty cutterbars with SafeCut disk protection. The company’s heavy-duty cutterbars feature improved obstacle protection and Quick-Change blades for quick replacement.

Quick travel between fields further increases productivity. Wings fold up quickly to just 9-feet, 10-inches wide for transport; then the operator can travel roads at speeds up to 25 mph.

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Intelligence

New Holland launches Genesis T8 Series tractor with PLM Intelligence

New Holland Agriculture announced the new Genesis T8 Series tractor with Precision Land Management (PLM) Intelligence (the company’s intuitive precision farming platform) built in-house from the ground up.

The new tractor is designed to adapt to every individual farmer’s unique needs. With features ranging from advanced connectivity between operators, vehicles, advisers and dealers to improve productivity and reduce downtime, to customizable controls, improved visibility and enhanced comfort.

Customizable controls allow every operator to adjust based on their unique preferences and requirements. The all-new cab features more accessible storage, increased power ports and vents, egress lights and an ergonomic seat for optimal comfort.

The in-cab experience has been enhanced to remove obstructions and ensure maximum visibility. The new InfoView monitor is positioned in direct line-of-sight on the dash so you can keep your eyes on the horizon ahead. Strategically placed cameras make it easy to navigate in and out of traffic and keep your eyes on in-field work as well. New 360-degree LED work lights turn night into day, delivering up to 25 percent more visible light for greater awareness of surroundings while operating.

The new tractor features personalization at its best. From the ergonomic new SideWinder Ultra armrest to the IntelliView 12 monitor that delivers enhanced visibility and control, operators have the ability to adjust key features and functions to their individual preferences.

Kubota M7 tractor

M7 Gen 2 tractors from Kubota expand lineup

Kubota Tractor Corp. announced the introduction of the new M7 Gen 2 tractor to the company’s agriculture tractor line. The new tractors are built on the successes of the company’s first-generation M7 ag tractors, introduced in 2014, with added refinements and enhancements designed to meet the specific needs of today’s customers. There are three new models under the M7 Gen 2 line, including the M7-132, M7-152 and the M7-172, ranging from 100 to 140 in PTO horsepower. Depending on the model, there are standard, deluxe and premium grade options to further customize for performance and job function. The new tractors will be available at authorized dealers beginning April 2019.

The M7 Gen 2 features a 30-speed semi-powershift transmission, upgraded from its predecessor’s standard 24/24 transmission. The new transmission provides greater flexibility, allowing the operator to find the optimal gear for each job. The number of main gears has increased from four to six, and an auto shifting function evaluates range gear and then automatically adjusts engine output to improve acceleration performance under light loads. The new transmission maximizes productivity and increases efficiency.

The company’s M7 Series boasts a powerful V6108 Kubota turbocharged diesel engine with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) that transforms exhaust into water vapor and nitrogen. The common rail system (CRS) on the series electronically controls the timing and amount of high-pressure injected fuel in stages for optimal combustion, which results in greater efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Additionally, with the company’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) muffler and an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, the series exceeds Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.

The tractors are equipped with a LM2605 front loader, with an electrical joystick offered on the premium models. The loader features a Kubota Z-bar linkage for mechanical self-leveling and a single-lever hydraulic valve quick coupler for easy attachment and detachment. The LM2605 front loader boasts a max height of 167 inches at pivot pin and a lifting capacity of 5,776 pounds at max pin height.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Kinze Manufacturing, Single Phase Power Solutions, Krone, New Holland Agriculture and Kubota Tractor Corp.