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June 2019 new product rollout

Published on 11 June 2019
forage box

H&S 5100 Series forage boxes

H&S Manufacturing located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, has recently introduced the new 5100 Series forage box.

Available in 17-, 19-, and 21-foot models, the 5100 Series forage box features a much faster unload time (nearly 50% faster than the XCAP design), with the smoothest unloading system on the market. The faster and smoother unloading is accomplished with an improved variable-speed belt drive, and with larger (18-inch) beaters. 

The unique modular design provides more flexibility to fit more operations, including a removable roof. Flexibility is also realized with the swept-back feeder unit as it comes with knockouts for adding a fourth beater. The 5100 series boasts the industry’s strongest frame design by utilizing 8-inch main stringers and 5-inch cross members. More strength and durability is added with 2.5-by-2.5-inch uprights and heavy duty 2-inch main drive shafts. The impressive charcoal black color with the aluminized steel siding gives the 5100 Series forage box the eye appeal that compliments its many performance features.

Sizes include: 17-foot, 19-foot, 21-foot front unload forage boxes; 17-, 19-, 21-foot front and rear unload forage boxes; 19- and 21-foot rear unload forage boxes (barge box).


Larger capacity sprayer introduced by John Deere

John Deere is expanding its 4-Series sprayers with the introduction of its biggest sprayer yet – the 1,600-gallon- (6,057 liter) capacity R4060 sprayer with the new CommandDrive powertrain. CommandDrive is a new hydrostatic all-wheel-drive powertrain that transfers more power to the ground while offering improved traction, fuel efficiency and a quieter ride for the operator. CommandDrive is an intelligent powertrain that uses a single hydrostatic pump to power all four variable-displacement wheel motors. If one or more wheels lose traction, the system adjusts to slow the slipping wheels and direct more flow to the other wheels with traction in order to power the sprayer over the terrain. The powertrain helps the sprayer more easily handle hills, soft soil and other conditions where additional traction is needed.

In addition, CommandDrive works in tandem with the engine and entire sprayer system to automatically increase RPMs when more power is needed and to maintain proper spraying. With the powertrain’s Auto Mode setting, operators can maintain selected ground speed and application rate at lower engine RPMs, while the Auto Idle setting reduces the engine’s RPM to 900 when the machine is stopped. Both functions help reduce fuel/DEF consumption and provide a quieter cab for the operator.

The sprayer comes equipped with a multifunction hydro handle with six customizable control buttons, allowing the operator to easily select and control the most common operating functions. Headland Management System also is included, which takes the work out of making headland turns by resuming automated functions, such as AutoTrac and BoomTrac Pro, and stopping and starting spray applications.

All model year 2020 sprayers now come standard with an expanded precision ag intelligence package. 

The R4060 with its 1,600-gallon tank and 120-foot (36.6-meter) or 132-foot (40.2-meter) carbon fiber spray boom can cover 33% more acres between fills than the R4045. 


Michelin introduces high-load-capacity tires for agriculture

The Michelin CargoXBib High Flotation (HF) is a low-pressure transport tire, for use with trailers, spreaders and slurry tankers with a high load capacity in agricultural applications. Now available in 28LR26 and 800/60R32 sizes, the tire is compatible with central tire inflation systems (CTIS).

The Michelin CargoXBib HF has a revolutionary new tread design that features 52 blocks with a wide footprint and a shallow tread that helps to reduce the power required to pull trailers. The central rib protects against soil compaction, reduces plant damage and provides comfort on the road. The tire also offers a wear indicator and accepts studs for specific applications.

On the road, this tire is designed to achieve:

  • Speeds up to 40 mph and helps to improve tread cleanout
  • Excellent road handling due to the solid, rounded shoulders
  • Easier turning, less scrub and excellent directional stability
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Reduction in rolling resistance
  • Unrivaled casing endurance with its exclusive Michelin Ultraflex casing

In the field, CargoXBib HF is designed with:

  • Up to a 37% larger footprint with excellent grip on side slopes
  • Low scrub when turning on grass
  • Very low inflation pressure, as low as 12 psi, which preserves the soil


ASV Holdings Inc. announces the new midframe, vertical lift VT-70 High Output

The Posi-Track loader features high torque and an efficient hydraulic system for maximum performance with even the most heavy and demanding attachments.

The new VT-70 High Output features 207 foot-pounds of torque, allowing customers to get projects done quickly. High torque allows for maximum performance, high speeds and minimal engine bogdown in all applications. ASV built the machine with a turbocharged 74.3-horsepower Deutz 2.2-liter diesel engine. Drive motors transfer the torque to ASV’s patented internal-drive sprockets. Internal rollers reduce friction loss in the undercarriage, resulting in maximum power being transferred to the track regardless of drive speed. The engine meets EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards utilizing a DOC-only exhaust after-treatment without a DPF or SCR. This completely eliminates all downtime risks, maintenance and the additional costs associated with regeneration and diesel exhaust fluid.

The compact track loader’s hydraulic system includes 3,300 psi of auxiliary pressure and a 22.2-gpm standard flow. An optional 27.4-gpm high-flow system is available for even greater performance with demanding attachments. Built for peak efficiency, the system features large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment.

The VT-70 High Output includes a rated operating capacity of 2,328 pounds and a tipping load of 6,650 pounds. It is 65.6 inches wide and has a 126.5-inch lift height. The machine features speeds as fast as 11 mph. A self-leveling system allows attachments to stay at a set position while lifting. Operators can use the unit with all standard attachments.

A flexible rubber track with internal positive drive sprockets provides superior traction and track life. The open-rail and drive-sprocket design results in increased sprocket and bogie wheel life along with easier and faster undercarriage cleaning. All of the wheels are exposed in the undercarriage, allowing material to spill out, reducing the risk of abrasive material getting trapped and wearing away at components.

Optional 16.5-inch-wide extreme terrain tracks lower the machine’s ground pressure to 4.2 psi, while a smooth turf track allows minimal risk of damage during operation on highly manicured surfaces.  end mark

Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of H&S Manufacturing, John Deere, Michelin and ASV Holdings Inc.