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January 2022 new product rollout

Published on 05 January 2022

Bobcat Company introduces ultra-durable, newly redesigned snowblower

Bobcat Company is pleased to introduce an all-new, ultra-durable snowblower attachment that will make quick work of even the most unrelenting winter drifts. With an increased intake height and bigger auger to draw more snow into the blower, operators will be able to clear more flakes in less time.

Equipped with nine different width options and numerous motor packages, the Bobcat snowblower attachments provide owners with a perfect match for their loader models, as well as for the application, from wide-open sites like driveways and parking lots to narrow spaces like sidewalks.

The snowblower features an ultra-durable direct-drive, sprocket-style chute rotation, which improves performance, durability and ease of maintenance. It enables operators to point snow in virtually any direction and place it wherever the job requires – even in hard-to-reach places such as the middle of lawns, in ditches or inside wooded areas along a path. It is powerful enough to break through ice buildup, and it eliminates chains, which can rust, loosen or break. The chute delivers 270 degrees of rotation for a wide range of accurate snow placement, which is a 15-degree increase over previous designs.

The chute’s rounded intake provides a smoother surface to roll the snow into the feed impeller, rather than pushing it. This design minimizes clogging and reduces resistance for improved snow flow through the attachment and better productivity. An optional truck-loading chute allows the operator to place snow high into a truck and simplify hauling. High-flow models capture extra available hydraulic horsepower from the carrier, which enables clearing through the deepest drifts and heaviest snow while throwing it farther.

An additional feature includes easily adjustable skid shoes that are mounted to the sides of the snowblower, allowing operators to raise or lower the clearing depth to match the surface of the jobsite. They not only make it easy to maintain ground alignment, but they can also help guide operators along curbs or walls while preventing contact with the snowblower itself. Designed for long-wear life and easily replaceable, the new skid shoes provide long-wearing durability and superior control.

For additional information about the Bobcat snowblower and other snow tools, visit your local Bobcat dealer or visit their website.

010522 case patriot

Case IH introduces Patriot 50 Series sprayers

Case IH is adding the Patriot 50 Series sprayer to its lineup of self-propelled application equipment. With an exceptional operator environment, complete vehicle control, enhanced connectivity solutions and integrated spray technology, the Patriot 50 Series sprayer is designed to help operators work more productively and achieve high-efficiency spraying. Three new models – the Patriot 3250, 4350 and 4450 – are available to order for fall 2022.

For decades, growers and custom applicators have trusted the Patriot sprayer to take on tight application windows. The distinctive cab-forward, rear-engine design and strong, durable boom are critical Agronomic Design elements that enable operators to achieve accurate, timely spraying. To match the needs of today’s producers and ag retailers, the Patriot 50 Series sprayer integrates advanced technology and connectivity solutions with a reliable design – all to enhance operator productivity.

Enhanced cab environment with exceptional operator control

Producers and ag retailers will first notice the bold, new machine styling with redesigned front and rear hoods. From the suspension system and comfortable cab to advanced spray technology and features that make maintenance easier, every detail of the Patriot 50 Series sprayer is thoughtfully engineered to help enhance operator productivity.

A premium cab environment incorporates the award-winning design of the MultiControl Armrest layout used in current-model Steiger and Magnum Series tractors to increase operator comfort and allow for simple operation. Plus, operators are always in control with commonly used controls at their fingertips, thanks to the MultiFunction Handle.

An innovative four-bar linkage chassis suspension system delivers superior ride quality, stability and operator control with 8 inches of total suspension travel. Plus, axle adjustment options enable the operator to match axle track width quickly and easily to conditions and terrain.

With two customizable displays – the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 1200 and the Viper 4+ – operators always have top-of-the-line vehicle and product control as well as the real estate to see what they want when they want. The AFS Pro 1200 display delivers complete chassis monitoring and control, while the Viper 4+ offers enhanced auto guidance solutions and product control.

Patriot 50 Series sprayers are designed to help operators maximize in-field time and get tendering or maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently. Everything is within reach with a one-stop service center, ground-level connections and an open architecture design. Plus, an exclusive tip-wash station provides an easy, accessible way for operators to clean off spray tips with both an air nozzle and water outlet.

Patriot 50 Series sprayers are now available to order for fall 2022. With a wide range of configurations and tank capacities from 800 to 1,600 gallons, producers and ag retailers can customize the Patriot 50 Series sprayer to match their needs. For more information, contact your local Case IH dealer or visit their website.

010522 bobcat uw56 angle broom

Bobcat Company launches two reimagined Toolcat utility work machines

Operators looking to perform a wide range of jobsite tasks will find unbeatable versatility, performance and productivity with Bobcat’s all new UW53 and UW56 Toolcat utility work machines. These two refreshed models of Bobcat’s Toolcat utility work machine lineup come equipped with a variety of enhancements – both inside and outside the cab – for superior operation. Replacing previous models of the Toolcat utility work machine lineup, the UW53 and UW56 have the capability for incredible attachment versatility, allowing operators to easily turn their equipment into multipurpose hauling, lifting, mowing, towing and loading machines.

These new models have totally redesigned LED lighting, providing increased light dispersion and intensity using less power. Embedded road lights are integrated within the front fenders (instead of on the bottom of the front windshield), providing optimal protection and unobstructed illumination for better visibility in all directions. The rear work lights have also changed to LED to optimize for better light dispersion.

The newly updated dual-drive response system has been enhanced to provide smoother acceleration and deceleration, automatically recalling drive response settings. The first setting provides smooth, responsive traction for driving between tasks, and the second setting changes the drive system to a more aggressive response when operating in low range to maintain hydraulic and traction power for uninterrupted work. A new optional rear-view camera gives operators ideal visibility for tasks that require regular machine maneuvering. The rear-frame location of the camera provides an unobstructed view for connecting a ball hitch (UW56 model only).

In addition to these performance enhancements, operators will find several significant comfort updates, including a totally redesigned interior with an integrated 5-inch display, exceptional ergonomics, component placements and storage spots all within easy access. All controls are in one place for increased operational control, including all secondary functions.

For unbeatable uptime and serviceability, operators will find a larger fuel filter (increasing operating time between required oil filter changes), increased corrosion protection and fender shape/material, larger in-cab access points and improved wiring harness.

For more information on the Toolcat utility work machine lineup, visit their website. 

010522 asv rt135f

More power without compromise with new ASV Max-Series RT-135 Forestry, the industry’s most powerful compact track loader

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, launches the industry’s most powerful compact track loader: the Max-Series RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track loader. Featuring 10% more horsepower than the previous titleholder it replaces (ASV’s RT-120), the 12,990-pound RT-135F gives operators the ability to maintain best-in-class machine performance while operating high-flow attachments. That maximum power is paired with a premium operator experience, as the completely upgraded loader is part of the new Max-Series lineup, with all the line’s superior comfort and ease-of-use features standard. Outfitted with forestry-rated guarding and safety features, the new machine is ideal for brushcutting, mulching, land clearing and other high-flow applications.

Power and productivity

ASV held nothing back when designing the RT-135F. The machine’s Cummins engine boasts an industry-leading 132 horsepower. That, combined with a 50-gpm (gallons per minute) maximum auxiliary flow – also the industry’s highest – and an oversized auxiliary pump capable of 66 gpm, allows the RT-135F to transfer more engine power to the attachment with no sacrifices to machine performance. The extra 16 gpm within the pump means operators can run high-flow attachments, such as mulchers, at full speed while moving the loader without slowing down the tool. That directly translates to more productivity from the 50-gpm mulching head that is sold with the RT-135F. The attachment was developed with and is optimized for the machine.

Contractors can use the powerful machine longer with its new 52-gallon fuel tank – 22 gallons more than the RT-120. The extra fuel means operators have an increased ability to work all day without refueling.

Operators can lift more and be more productive with the RT-135F thanks to its up to 4,150-pound rated operating capacity, 10-mph top speed and 10.4-foot lift height. Contractors can further boost operating capacity and reinforce the back of the machine with an optional rear bumper kit that extends over the tracks.

Premium in-cab experience

The RT-135F brings hallmark Max-Series benefits to forestry applications to provide the best possible operator experience. The new machine features the lineup’s premium 360-degree visibility. Standard LED lighting, optional side lighting and new taillights make it even easier to see around the outside of the machine.

The compact track loader includes all the comforts of the Max-Series as standard. Operators benefit from a roomier cab accessible to virtually all body types, a one-sided lap bar making exit and entry easier, and the industry’s most customizable seat and arm rests. Additionally, dusty, debris-ridden forestry work is cleaner, quieter and more temperature stable with the RT-135F’s highly pressurized all-weather cab.

The RT-135F’s advanced, customizable controls allow for a premium operator experience. A state-of-the-art 7-inch touchscreen display provides vital monitoring tools, displays the view from the backup camera and integrates with service history and schedules. It also allows for service scheduling, job management, passcode operator lockout, idle time tracking and more. The in-cab experience is also enhanced through Bluetooth radio, allowing operators to listen to music and take calls wirelessly.

For more information on the RT-135F and RT-135 and available options, visit ASV’s website.  end mark

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Bobcat Company, Case IH and ASV Holdings.