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Fleximass ballasting system now manufactured in U.S.

Published on 26 March 2015
Laforge Fleximass

Laforge’s Fleximass is a ballasting system that is mainly designed for the rear three-point hitch, but it can also be used on a front three-point hitch in situations where a lot of weight is required.

“Fleximass production requires a facility with modern equipment and a skilled work force for precision manufacturing of tools for 21st century farming. Our factory in Cedar Falls, Iowa, is the perfect fit,” says Lars Paulsson, vice president and general manager.

The idea behind this product is to replace wheel weights with a more efficient system that also is easy to attach and detach. Some advantages of this product compared to wheel weights are:

  • Less time is required for attaching and detaching.
  • There are no tools required for attaching and detaching.
  • The weights are more efficient because they are carried behind the wheel axle (or in front, in the case of a front three-point hitch).
  • The weights are stationary, so no need to waste energy to accelerate and retard their movement.
  • Eliminating wheel weights improves the performance of the tires with less power hop.
  • Eliminating wheel weights puts less stress on transmissions, differentials and brakes.

The basic system allows for the use of the rear drawbar for pulling implements. The two-stage Fleximass replaces the rear quick-coupler, allowing the use of the draft links and the rear three-point hitch.  FG

—From Laforge Systems Inc. news release

Fleximass with weights. Photo provided by Laforge Systems Inc.