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Equipment and tools: September 2017 new product rollout

Published on 04 September 2017
RoGator 1300c

AGCO rolls out RoGator C LiquidLogic system

AGCO introduces the RoGator C Series self-propelled row crop applicators and all-new LiquidLogic system. The new technology-loaded, user-friendly RoGator and liquid application system deliver innovations needed to meet the needs of today’s crop production industry, professional applicators and farmers.

The FlowLogic recirculation plumbing keeps product moving through the boom, plumbing and filters to reduce chemical buildup and help eliminate plugged spray tips. New ClearFlow recovery, the industry’s first full-recovery system, uses air to force product from the booms or reload station back into the tank, leaving less than 2.5 gallons in systems without injection. And new self-priming booms help save time and money since product flows quickly through the entire boom once the product pump and recirculation are turned on.

Other key features of the LiquidLogic system include a “hold at minimum” pressure setting across the boom that helps ensure a consistent spray pattern to keep product on target at low speed and the ability to maintain a plus or minus 1 psi variation across the boom. Section control for either 35 sections with 10- or 15-inch spacing or 36 sections with 20-inch spacing are standard with the AgControl rate controller. Finally, variable displacement control of the product pump manages and limits speed to 5,000 rpm to help prevent pump failure.

The first thing operators will notice is the 10.4-inch touchscreen AccuTerminal, which allows intuitive, easy-to-learn control and monitoring of machine functions, such as the new cruise control and shuttle shift speed along with drive sensitivities, headland control and tractor management system (TMS).

Automatic guidance and AGCO’s full suite of Fuse precision application, documentation and machine tracking tools are all controlled through a single operating terminal. Dual-band cellular plus worldwide satellite connections allow machine tracking and performance through Fuse Connected Services via AgCommand, keeping your machine connected everywhere, like never before. In one simple step, task data flows seamlessly between TaskDoc on the machine and a growing number of major farm management information software (FMIS). The RoGator C Series can be configured with the company’s fully integrated AgControl and Auto-Guide systems, or Raven Viper 4+ technology with SmarTrax. A hybrid configuration also allows the use of Raven Viper 4+ for product control while using the company’s Auto-Guide for guided steering.

Sunflower 6830

Sunflower high-speed rotary finisher now is narrow transport

Sunflower, the AGCO Corp. seeding and tillage line, introduces the SF6830 Series high-speed rotary finisher in a convenient narrow-transport version. The high-speed rotary finisher allows producers to complete multiple tillage tasks to prepare a seedbed in one efficient pass.

Available in two models, SF6830-18NT (17 feet, 8 inches) and SF6830-21NT (21 feet, 5 inches), both tools transport at the exceptionally narrow road width of 9 feet, 10 inches.

Another new feature of the series is the hydraulic leveler gang. The leveler gang is composed of four wavy center blades, which can be hydraulically adjusted by the operator from 0 to 10 degrees. By adjusting the angle at which these blades engage the soil, the operator has more exacting control of the tool and can match soil conditions and ground speed of the implement to achieve a smooth, even seedbed with every pass.

Placed behind those blades, the high-speed finisher has sealed, service-free disc gang reels that turn at twice the speed of the disc blades. The fast rotation of the gang reels aggressively breaks up clods and root crowns, while limiting excess lateral movement of the soil. This prevents the soil ridging that normally results with single-gang tillage tools. Wavy coulter blades are positioned in a gang behind the blades and reels to continue sizing crop residue and to break up the soil, providing a good environment for root development.

The finisher will be made available for Sunflower dealers to order in January 2018.

John Deere balehugger

John Deere introduces new attachments for agricultural industry

John Deere introduces several new additions to its Worksite Pro attachments line. These attachments include two silage defacers (AD7 and AD11), five bale spears (AB21, AB31, AB32, AB42 and AB43) and a bale hugger (AH80).

All attachments are compatible with John Deere skid steers, compact track loaders and compact wheel loaders that are equipped with a skid steer-style Quik-Tatch coupler, and most competitive models.

Unique to the lineup, the new silage defacers are ideal for the removal of haylage and silage from bunkers. Allowing operators to loosen silage while maintaining a smooth, compacted bunker, the tool pierces, separates and rakes without cutting or reducing the size of the silage, helping to ensure complete blending. The open design provides optimal operator visibility, while adjustable guides allow a deeper cut up to 3 inches.

For transporting baled organic materials, the company offers two new attachment advances to help farmers handle exceedingly large bales and increase productivity. Five new bale spear attachments are designed for loading, carrying and stacking bales up to 4,000 pounds. Offering optimal rigidity and capacity, these new spears are available in three different configurations of single, dual and triple to help match numerous bale-handling sizes.

For operators who prefer a tighter grip for stacking and loading, but need the lift capacity for large bales, the bale hugger is designed with round tubing to provide maximum durability while preventing damage to wrapped bale coverings. With a maximum load of 2,400 pounds of round or rectangular bales, the bale hugger provides constant pressure that eliminates the risk of dropping the bales.

Mycogen Seeds offers novel product to battle pythium

After a season plagued by seedling diseases caused by cool, wet soils at planting, farmers have a new option to protect seed investments. Mycogen Seeds is offering its new Revontek seed treatment in its brand corn and silage hybrids for 2018 planting.

With Revontek, farmers now have a solution to push past the window of early season diseases like pythium and rhizoctonia.

Revontek seed treatment is powered by six fungicidal active ingredients to protect against a wide range of seedling pathogens including fusarium, rhizoctonia, pythium and phytophthora. The seed treatment also contains a unique biological protein for enhanced root growth as well as a higher concentration of systemic insecticide for longer early season residual control of a broad range of damaging insects.

The seed treatment will be offered to farmers of Mycogen brand corn as part of the company’s standard corn seed treatment. The seed treatment comes with a polymer coating, which provides a protective layer for an even, durable coating.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTO: Photos courtesy of John Deere and AGCO Corp.