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Equipment and tools: October 2016 new product rollout

Published on 01 October 2016
Great Plains 5-section Ultra Chisel

Great Plains introduces new five-section chisel plow

To accommodate the needs of today’s large acreage farmers, Great Plains is expanding its line of heavy-duty chisel plows with a new Ultra-Chisel model. Ranging from 39 to 45 feet wide, the new five-section Ultra-Chisel offers wider working widths than the original models, which were released in 2015.

The new chisel plow features a rocking bolster system on the center rockshaft to provide even, steady depth control in changing field conditions. With 900-pound trip force, these machines are ideal for tillage in the 8-inch depth range.

This chisel plow is designed to completely till the entire 6- to 8-inch soil profile and, in many cases, eliminate the need for a follow-up pass prior to the seedbed preparation pass. Several point options are available, depending on the operator’s goals and field conditions.

To create a vertically-tilled soil environment, this chisel plow can be equipped with 7-inch wing points, specially designed to create total fracture across the entire profile instead of only leaving slots in the soil. Alternatively, large 12- or 16-inch cultivator sweeps can be used for deep tillage and weed control. Optional rear-leveling attachments include a five-bar, high-residue spike harrow; a three-bar, heavy coil tine; or a combination of harrows with a finishing reel.

Kuhn Krause Excelerator 8005

New Kuhn Krause Excelerator 8005 vertical tillage system

The new Excelerator 8005 builds on the superior vertical tillage performance growers have come to expect from Kuhn Krause products. New features on the Excelerator 8005 enhance operator productivity and decrease machine maintenance. For smaller acreage, a new rigid 11-foot cut width joins the 14- to 50-foot product range.

One of the key new features for the machine is increased productivity delivered by Peer Tillxtreme maintenance-free bearings. No daily grease maintenance is required for the Excalibur gangs, Star Wheel treader gangs, HD reel attachment, walking tandem pivot bearings, rockershaft lift and wing fold hinge pivots. No daily grease features allow the operator to convert hours devoted to daily maintenance into additional field time for added tilled acres per day.

An innovative and easily adjustable constant-flow hydraulic wing down-pressure system increases reliability, eliminates wing cylinder shear pins and decreases folding cycle time for transport.

Other new features include high-flotation metric tires with increased weight-carrying capacity for folding models, new heavy-duty 24/7 flat and round bar conditioning reels, and a new articulating ball cast clevis hitch. The new hitch is available in Cat. III, Cat. IV or Cat. V configurations, depending on the size of the machine, and reduces potential clevis and tractor drawbar pin wear.

John Deere skid loader

John Deere features large-frame skid steer loaders

Farmers and other equipment owners who understand the value of compact equipment can now expect even more power, productivity and uptime on the job with the new John Deere large-frame G-Series skid steers (330G, 332G) and compact track loaders (331G, 333G).

The biggest improvement on the large-frame G-Series is the refined vertical-lift loader boom design that rises higher, reaches farther and lifts more for quicker and easier loading. Height to hinge pin is 11 feet, enabling operators to easily load dump trucks, feed mixers, fill hoppers and everything in between. Customers will also appreciate the new lift path that extends an additional 6 inches from the machine.

The large frames also serve up substantially greater boom and bucket breakout forces. They have horsepower that is comparable to a small backhoe or crawler, and they also work comfortably in tight quarters, so operators can accomplish more with less machine. Increased rated operating capacities of up to 3,700 pounds give these models the muscle needed to master heavy loads, coupled with a breakout force that has been increased by 40 percent to make lifting heavy loads easier.

Increased auxiliary hydraulic flow and power on the large frames means customers can make the most of an even broader range of attachments for a wide variety of work. Universal Quik-Tatch enables you to go from bucket to forks and more in just seconds. Generous standard and optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics also let you effortlessly run powered attachments, such as hydraulic hammers, cold planers, mulching heads and trenchers. All auxiliary hydraulic lines and wiring on new machines are now routed through the boom where they’re more protected and out of the operator’s sightline.

Great Plains no-till seeder

Great Plains releases simple seeder for pasture renovation

For smaller seeding tasks that don’t require a full-on no-till drill, Great Plains has introduced the simple, economical no-till seeder.

Offered in 7-, 9- and 11-foot widths, the NTS25 Series Seeder makes quick work of renovating pastures, reclaiming rights-of-way and planting food plots. With productivity of up to 11 feet, it also offers a heavy-duty seeding solution for small seeding contractors.

Available as a 3-point or pull-type model with transport wheels, the new seeder is ground-driven by spikes incorporated into the rear packer-roller. With the company’s precision drill metering technology, this unit comes standard with main and small seed boxes. An optional factory-installed native grass seed box is also available for warm-season (fluffy) grasses like big bluestem, little bluestem, indiangrass and switchgrass. All three boxes utilize the same proven meters used on all the company’s drills. The main and small seed boxes are calibrated by opening the seed cups with the seed-rate regulator, while the native grass box is calibrated with a four-speed, single-lever gearbox.

A manually adjustable, spiked front roller controls how aggressively the soil is prepped before the seed is placed. The no-till seeder can be set for minimal soil disturbance or run at a sharper angle for more tillage. Seed is then dropped and broadcast to the soil below, protected by a metal windshield, and gently pressed into the soil with the rear cast packer. An optional acre meter keeps track of acres planted.


Vermeer introduces rotary rake and TD-series tedders

Vermeer Corp. announced the release of the RR140 rotary rake along with the TD100 and TD190. These new hay-handling tools are designed for small to midsize operations looking for tedders or rakes to help boost hay production efficiency.

The RR140 rotary rake

With a raking width of 13.9 feet (4.2 meters), the RR140 is designed to boost speed and efficiency by allowing operators to rake fast in wet or dry hay in a variety of crops.

This new rotary rake is a versatile, side-delivery rake featuring 11 arms that are each equipped with four double tines, providing uniform raking actions that gently stir the hay for faster drying but also maintain the nutritional value of the crop. Hydraulic adjustments keep the tines off the ground, minimizing ash content in the windrow.

TD-series tedders

Built for speed, convenience and reliability, and priced for the budget-conscious customer, the TD-series models offer a 10 feet (3 meters) tedding width on the TD100 and a 19 feet (5.8 meters) tedding width on the TD190. Both models feature convenience, including tool-less height adjustments and an adjustable crank for changing the pitch angle in a matter of seconds.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Great Plains, Kuhn North America Inc., John Deere and Vermeer Corp.