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Equipment and tools: February 2017 new product rollout

Published on 16 February 2017
John Deere wheel loader

New wheel loaders roll off the line at John Deere

Taking performance and reliability to a new level, John Deere introduced the 524K-II, 544K-II and 624K-II utility-class wheel loaders with improved fuel economy to meet the needs of today’s contractors.

The wheel loaders were developed for projects that require enhanced agility and ability on the jobsite or at the farm.

The updated utility wheel loader lineup offers new standard five-speed transmissions with optimized gear ratio changes. The wheel loaders, when paired with the company’s PowerTech EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesel engines, enable operators to work in any jobsite environment, even in nonattainment areas.

The PowerTech engine delivers impressive torque – 524K-II (130 horsepower), 544K-II (163 horsepower) and 624K-II (186 horsepower) – to help sustain stable boom and bucket speed in and out of the pile for heaped loads, even in wet or hard-packed material. Featuring reduced engine rpm during high fuel usage operations, the wheel loaders also boast excavator-style hydraulics that sense loads and deliver the flow needed for smooth combined functions and fast work cycles. The K series also offers increased hydraulic pump displacement to accommodate lower engine speeds.

DewEze cake feeder

DewEze releases cake feeder, expands ag line

DewEze released its newest addition to the ag product line – the BeefCake.

This twin, 6-inch auger cake feeder is designed to prevent bridging and wasteful cube damage by reducing rpms. Tailored to fit any feeding mix, the BeefCake can be adjusted to feed in piles or a line. The integrated, corded hand control displays auger revolutions, offering ration management from the comfort of the cab.

This cake feeder’s scale-ready design takes the guesswork out of feed weighing. The frame legs are engineered at an angle, putting valve compartments within reach for routine maintenance. Additionally, the lid opens and closes with a convenient, ground-accessible lift handle. Sealed to keep out dirt and moisture, the weather-tight lid will provide years of trouble-free performance and longer product life. The flexible rubber chute eliminates wear and tear for long-lasting durability.

This product features electric or hydraulic models, and is available in three sizes: the BC1000, BC1500 and BC2000.

New Holland baler

New Holland raises the stakes with BigBaler 340 Plus

New Holland Agriculture introduced the new BigBaler 340 Plus, the latest generation of its flagship baler. The new machine features a baler chamber that is 31.5 inches longer than the previous model and delivers up to 10 percent higher density in perfectly formed bales for stacking and transport. It maintains this high bale quality throughout the day. The increase in density depends on field condition and means more crop per bale, raising the customer’s productivity.

The BigBaler’s double knot system is designed to guarantee high bale density with lower knotting strain, reducing the risk of twine snapping even in hot conditions, further increasing productivity.

The new baler delivers a host of unique features, such as the IntelliCruise technology that automatically regulates tractor ground speed to maximize baling capacity and uniform bale density, or the SmartFill feed flow indicators that tell operators in real time which direction they should drive over the swath for even bale formation. The productivity-boosting features also include the MaxiSweep pick-up design that tackles high tonnage windrows with common components — tine bars and reel bearings — from the self-propelled forage harvester. The plunger stroke rate per minute and the in-line crop flow guaranteed by the uniform width of the feeding, processing and pre-compression elements combine to make it the highest capacity New Holland baler ever. In addition, the baler is fully ISOBUS-compatible for single-screen technology.

A host of improvements to the new baler raises the bar on durability and reliability. For example, the diameter of the packer shaft has been increased from 2.3 to 3 inches; the bigger drive chain, now 1.25 inches, handles with ease the high loads of PackerCutter models. The slip clutch has been reinforced.

Furthermore, a heavy-duty rotor is available for extreme abrasive conditions. This prevents premature rotor wear in such harsh conditions and allows a rotor lifetime that is four times longer.

In the precompression chamber, a shear bolt on the stuffer mechanism protects the stuffer from damage in case of obstruction or overload. In addition, the crop-holding fingers have been reinforced and ensure perfect flake formation with seven fingers.

The knotting system and bale ejection have been revised to make it easy to set and control bale length, and the reliable design of the bale length tooth sector ensures a long lifetime. The passive teeth system has been replaced with an active teeth system on full bale-eject. Before the bale ejection moves backward, all teeth are first pushed in the bale to maximize best performance and full grip in all conditions. An improved knotter-cleaning performance reduces crop accumulation in the knotter area.

New Holland expands Intelli-series technology offering

New Holland Agriculture introduced three new intelligent technology offerings across multiple product lines this year.

The all-new IntelliBale system is now available on 450, 460 and 560 Roll-Belt Round Baler models and can be paired with ISOBUS class 3 compatible T6 and T7 AutoCommand tractors and T7 Full Powershift models with electronic park brake. The system automates the tractor and baling control functions, reducing operator fatigue and fuel consumption, and enables the baler to control the tractor’s motion, net function and bale ejection.

This technology enables the baler to control the tractor’s forward motion: It brings the tractor to a stop when the pre-set bale diameter has been reached, wraps the bale, raises and closes the tailgate when the bale has been ejected, and then gives the operator a signal to cycle the FNR lever forward and back to neutral to continue baling.

In addition to the reduced operator fatigue and fuel consumption, customers will appreciate the uniform bale size that is achieved with this new technology, as bale diameter is automated and doesn’t depend on the operator’s reaction time. The consistent cycle times also increase the tractor and baler’s productivity even further.

New Holland tractor T6

New Holland offers 2WD T6 series mid-range tractors

New Holland introduced a new two-wheel-drive (2WD) version of its premium T6 series tractor, available in 2017.

The 2WD version offers enhanced maneuverability on two wheels for sharper turning, making it perfect for flat to rolling hill work, including hay making, mowing and roadside fleet applications. Removing the four-wheel-drive (4WD) feature allows for a reduction in purchase price while still offering best-in-class mid-range tractor benefits like the ultra-quiet VisionView cab and optional ComfortRide cab suspension.

“We had a lot of dealers and customers coming to us with this request and are excited to announce that we’ve brought it to life,” said Michael Cornman, under 140 horsepower tractor segment marketing manager. “This new 2WD solution not only fulfills flat land and chore work needs, but also comes at a more economical price point.”

The 2WD model will be available for all Electro Command semipower transmission models, featuring eight push-button power shifts across 16 gears. The 16th gear is an ECO transmission offering, reducing engine speed at maximum transport speed of 19 mph to make for more fuel-efficient operations.

In addition to the acquisition cost and maneuverability benefits, cab visibility is vastly improved thanks to smaller front wheels.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of John Deere, DewEze and New Holland.