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Equipment and tools: December 2015 new product rollout

Published on 09 December 2015
Central Welding Company bale feeder

There’s a new name in the bale feeder game

Central Welding Company (CWC), primarily known for heavy-duty bale spikes and forks, introduces a new line of affordable bale feeders.

These heavy-duty bale feeders will accommodate all sizes of round and large square bales. The company also solved one of the biggest issues with skid-style bale feeders: moving them. By integrating fork slots in the frame of the feeders, now you can simply insert your pallet forks or two-prong bale spear and lift the feeder with ease.

A simple slant bar and cradle system ensures that your bales stay centered and cattle keep their heads in the feeder while eating. The added top boards keep cows from reaching over the top, pulling hay out and dropping it on the ground.

CWC’s main frames are constructed with mitered joints and fully welded. The bale cradles are made from solid, three-fourth-inch round bars, and the same 2-inch square tubing the main frame is made from makes up the rails that hold the bale off of the ground.

DewEze bale bed

DewEze offers parallel and pivot squeeze bale beds

Harper Industries now offers parallel squeeze and pivot squeeze models in its 600-700 series of DewEze round-bale beds.

In the parallel squeeze line, the arms remain parallel to each other as they expand and contract to grab and release bales. On pivot squeeze models, the arms pivot open and close from 110 to 34 inches wide, giving the operator a wider range of motion for grabbing bales of various sizes. Pivot squeeze models include swivel spinners, which always remain parallel to the bale for better results when unrolling hay.

DewEze bale beds come with a standard wireless remote on all bale beds powered by their under-hood hydraulic kits, allowing the operator to control the functions from inside or outside the truck cab. Other standard features include dual lift cylinders, a receiver hitch with D-rings, enclosed gooseneck with adjustable hitch placement, solid dummy arms with tie-down hooks, LED lighting, corrosion-resistant Gatorhyde surface and easy-access rear hydraulic couplers.

DewEze designs and manufactures all of its own clutch pump kits used to power the bale beds. These belt-driven pumps work independently of the transmission.

Idaho Instrument Farm Alarm

Farm Alarm notifies you when it’s time to bale

The Farm Alarm from Idaho Instrument takes the guesswork out of knowing when it’s the right time to bale hay. Now you can get caught up with work in your shop or just have a cup of coffee and relax because the Farm Alarm will notify you when it’s the right time to start baling.

The sensor hangs outside a window. When the moisture percentage is reached, a buzzer on the control box notifies you. The alarm tests for temperature, humidity and dew point, and accurately determines the moisture and temperature of the crop. It can be set for Fahrenheit or Celsius, and is easy to adjust for your desired moisture percentage.

The set includes a 6-foot charger cable, a 2 ½-foot cable with the sensor and easy-to-operate digital monitor.

Krone Big X 580

Four Big X models added to Krone self-propelled forage harvester lineup

Krone is expanding their line of forage harvesters to include four new models of the Big X. The Big X 480, 530, 580 and 630 round out the range of the Big X line from Krone with 489, 523, 585 and 617 horsepower respectively.

The spacious cab and 10-inch touch screen monitor make for a comfortable work space. All hydraulic components and the on-board air compressor are located conveniently by the steps for easy access.

To maintain the high quality of chop, the company revised the crop flow components to meet the machine’s lower horsepower requirements. This includes narrowing the width of the feed rolls while maintaining the six rolls to ensure an evenly compacted crop mat.

At more than 2 feet wide and more than 2 feet in diameter, the MaxFlow cutting drum has been designed specifically to handle the engine outputs of the 480 to 630 models. The 480 and 530 models come standard with 20 knives, and the 580 and 630 models come with a choice of 20 or 28 knives.

The new knife arrangement below the knife carrier frees up extra carrying space, allowing more throughput and smooth operation. The knife bar’s design improves crop flow and protects the drum body from wear.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Central Welding Company, Harper Industries Inc., Idaho Instrument Inc. and Krone North America.