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Equipment and tools: April 2017 new product rollout

Published on 01 April 2017
triple mower

Kuhn introduces triple mower combinations

Kuhn is proud to introduce new additions to the GMD lineup of disc mowers.

The GMD 10030 (rear mount) and GMD 3525 F (front mount) can combine to create a triple-mount machine that takes productivity to a whole new level. The total combined working width of up to 32 feet and 6 inches knocks down large fields in no time, while exclusive features provide strong returns on investment by reducing maintenance and downtime.

The rear-mounted GMD 10030 is compatible with Cat. 3 and 4N hitches, and features independent hydraulic lift of the mowing units as standard, making point rows and oddly shaped fields no problem. The high-lift discs and Lift-Control hydro-pneumatic suspension ensure excellent cut quality and crop throughput, even in the toughest conditions. Fast-Fit knives and the Optidisc lubed-for-life cutterbar take the time and headache out of regular maintenance. Should the mower strike an obstacle while working, the continuous hydraulic safety automatically pivots up and back, minimizing the risk of damage. Overlap control combines with the front-mount mower to give up to 18 inches of overlap for hilly conditions or when mowing in pivots.

Teaming up with Kuhn’s rear-mount mowers is the GMD 3525 F (11 feet and 6 inches) front-mount mower. This unit contains all of the same great features as the rear-mount machines while using a modern “hammerhead” design that offers excellent visibility from the cab. Converging drums on the Optidisc cutterbar create a windrow narrow enough to fit between the tractor tires to avoid value-robbing run over of the cut crop. Additionally, the smaller GMD 3125 F (10 feet and 2 inches) is compatible with the GMD 8730 for a combined working width of up to 28 feet and 7 inches, while the GMD 3525 F matches with the new GMD 10030 for up to a 32-foot-6-inch combined working width.

The new GMD triple mowers from Kuhn will provide years of reliable service and profitable returns for any large hay or forage operation looking for maximum productivity and flexibility while keeping maintenance costs low.

John Deere 2230

Cultivator and mulch finisher added to John Deere lineup

To help producers prepare a more agronomically sound seedbed ahead of the planter in often short time windows, John Deere introduced two new tillage tools. These next-generation secondary tillage implements are designed from “below the ground up” to work faster and smarter, making customers more productive while effectively handling tough soil conditions and high levels of crop residue at speeds up to 10 mph.

The new John Deere 2230 Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivator features a redesigned frame with stubble-resistant radial tires and no daily maintenance points. The field cultivators are able to provide even and consistent soil mixing and residue flow thanks to true 6-inch split-the-middle shank spacing with TruPosition standards that offer 200 pounds of trip force.

For level or gently rolling ground, the 2230 Level-lift Field Cultivator comes with three-section or five-section configurations in 15 different sizes ranging from 23.5 feet to 60.5 feet in width. For level or hilly terrain, customers can select the 2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator, available in 14 different widths from 25.5 feet to 69.5 feet, which can cover up to 217 more acres in a 10-hour day than previous models.

Both the level-lift and floating hitch field cultivators feature the ProFinish Leveling System with six rear harrow options that enable producers to achieve their desired level of field finish. Hydraulically adjustable flat-bar or round-bar rolling baskets are also available, allowing the operator to easily raise, lower or float the baskets as field conditions change.

The 2330 Mulch Finisher comes in nine sizes with widths from 21.75 feet to 56.25 feet and can operate at field speeds up to 10 mph. It is designed with true 9-inch split-the-middle shank spacing, integrated TruSet technology and many other features similar to the new field cultivator that help producers work faster and smarter when creating the ideal seedbed.

Kasco Manufacturing Hay Master

New min-till drill for hay pastures from Kasco Manufacturing

Kasco Manufacturing introduced the Hay Master, min-till (minimum tillage) drill for pasture renovation, wildlife habitats and erosion control. It features 6-inch row spacing for tighter germination of a variety of grass seeds. A spring-loaded design on the coulter blades and the cast iron cultipacker allows this min-till drill to follow the contour of even rough terrain. The close-coupled frame allows for use on smaller HP tractors and offers versatility, durability and low maintenance.

The company’s rugged metering system offers less seed waste and better pasture development by ensuring easy and accurate calibration to any smooth seed.

Art's Way commercial forage box

Heavy-duty forage box designed by Art’s Way

Combining size with strength, Art's Way's new heavy-duty forage box is designed with the commercial farmer and livestock producer in mind.

The forage wagon box is designed for a stable, smooth ride as well. The chassis features three-ply springs for excellent stability when going up a hillside or along a highway. Cross members are integrated into both walls of the frame to eliminate twisting action.

In extremely wet conditions, 52-inch axle spacing accommodates larger tires with adequate clearance to prevent mud from locking up the tires.

A modified center spring rocker allows 50 percent more axle movement compared with conventional over-the-road spring ride systems found under competing boxes. Drum brakes on all four wheels deliver unsurpassed stopping capability. Hydraulically actuated, the brakes can be used with tractor brake valves or standard tractor remote.

A swivel hitch with adjustable height fits any drawbar configuration. An approximate 2,800-pound hitch weight when empty provides exceptionally smooth trailing and handling as well as eliminates drawbar "slapping" when loading the wagon from back to front.

The forage box is an all-welded design for greater strength and features number four polished stainless steel sides. Not only is the stainless steel much stronger than a corrugated steel design, but it also doesn't rust in the acidic environment of forage harvest.

Made from 3/4-inch Densilite poly, the floor is impervious to moisture and acid, and expands and contracts very little. The floor is fastened to the frame with stainless steel hardware. Epoxy primer extends the life of painted components.

The front unload system has four aggressive spiral-type beater bars with long tines to deliver controlled crop flow and prevent the cross apron from filling during loading. This system allows more filling in the forage box front area.

Spring-loaded beater drive chains and apron chains make for smooth action. Greasable beater bearings are banked together for easy maintenance and long life.

An optional cross apron extension is integrated into the front unload system with a sequence valve for automatic and convenient operation, preventing the cross apron from moving with the extension in transport position.

The scale option provides four-point measuring for high accuracy product tracking. A hydraulic rear tailgate opens automatically when rear unload hydraulics are engaged. It pivots up away from crop to ensure unhindered discharge of material. Oil lines to rear unload are 3/4 inch to provide high-speed discharge. Depending upon tractor capability, unloading can be done in 60 seconds or less.

The tailgate functions completely on hydraulics, eliminating the need for a latching mechanism. Poly bushings on the pivot arm provide a low-maintenance durable connection for operation.

JCB 8000 tractor

JCB adds two Fastrac tractor models

JCB launched two new models – the new 8290 and 8330 tractors add to the appeal and performance of the range and feature:

  • More power and torque from engines that meet Tier 4 Final emissions, increasing performance potential
  • The all-new Command Plus cab with improved comfort and all-around visibility
  • Sharp hood styling with improved forward visibility and improved lighting
  • New, fully hydrostatic, high-speed approved dual steer with optional Rapid Steer
  • New tire options that increase supplier choice
  • New heavy-duty axle components, which facilitate track width of up to 10 feet (3 meters)

The most obvious changes to the new tractor models are the distinctive styling and new Command Plus cab. But, under the skin, the new Fastrac 8290 and 8330 have engines with more power and torque, a new, high-speed, approved hydrostatic steering system and new tire options. A more compact front linkage and PTO package and a larger deck area behind the cab add to the tractors’ versatility and productivity potential.

The models continue to use an 8.4-liter, six-cylinder engine, but that engine now meets U.S. Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

However, the revised engine specification is not just about emissions compliance – it also provides more power and torque, using a twin turbocharger installation that delivers quick responses when the operator needs more power.

At rated speed, the 8290’s engine develops 280 hp (209 kW) to match the output of the outgoing Fastrac 8310; engine power then peaks at 306 hp (228 kW) as revs are pulled down under loads.

The new 8330 model, however, takes the Fastrac to new performance heights with a rated power output of 335 hp (250 kW) rising to 348 hp (260 kW) under full load, which represents a generous 42 hp (32 kW) or 14 percent increase in power. At the same time, peak torque goes up by 10 percent to 1440 Nm at 1500 rpm, which gives the tractor even greater ability to “hang on” as the going gets tough.

The V-Tronic continuously variable transmission offers different modes selected by the operator using the touch screen display. These modes prioritize optimum engine and transmission settings for power, economy, constant PTO speed, constant field speed or road travel. The system can operate automatically or be used manually to deliver either seamless speed changes or in steps to emulate a power shift.

Art's Way Hammer Blower

Art’s Way releases hammermill and forage blower unit

Combining a powerful hammermill with a high-capacity blower fan, Art's Way's new Hammer Blower is a versatile machine that can grind high-moisture shelled or ear corn and blow the mixture up into a silo or bunk.

This machine can grind dry corn through a 1/8-inch screen directly into a truck with virtually no dust. Providing further flexibility, the unit has a vent adjustment that allows changing between silo feeding and bagging.

Processing shell or ear corn improves kernel digestibility, especially when kernels are mature. Processors also break the cobs to increase cob consumption. The crushing process also improves silo compaction, allowing for increased capacity.

Combining a mill with a blower is an ideal setup because it can process the corn before blowing it into silos or bags. Corn goes into a hopper in the back of the unit and then up through an auger before dropping into the powerful hammermill. From there, the ground corn is sent through the 42-inch blower fan where the vent can be adjusted to either go up a tube to the silo or to a bagging operation.

The unit has a capacity of 1 ton per minute. It has the capability to reach the tallest silos. Powered by a tractor PTO, both the hammermill and the blower operate at 1,000 rpm and require a minimum of 80 hp.

The Hammer Blower's applications are changed without tools. The machine is rugged and easy to maintain.


ASV introduces RT-75 compact track loader

ASV LLC introduces the large-frame, radial-lift Posi-Track RT-75 compact track loader. The RT-75 features highly efficient hydraulics and a high-capacity cooling system while delivering superior serviceability. The company’s Posi-Track undercarriage provides the industry’s highest ground clearance, lowest ground pressure, best traction and longest track life. These features make the compact track loader the ideal machine for applications from construction, landscaping and agriculture to forestry, snow removal and more.

The machine features the company’s Posi-Track rubber track suspension. Well known for its smooth ride, the dual-level suspension of the track loader features both suspended wheels and axles, allowing it to manage every type of terrain and at faster speeds. The suspended wheels and fully-flexible track conform to the ground, assuring maximum traction in the roughest conditions. In addition, the multiple wheel contact points and triple-guide lugs – compared with many machines with only one or two guide lugs – achieve maximum performance on steep slopes.

The RT-75 comes standard with 18-inch-wide tracks, resulting in a ground pressure of only 3.6 psi. Optional 20-inch tracks lower ground pressures to 3.2 psi. The features, combined with nearly 15 inches of ground clearance, allow the unit to work in more places, on more days and more comfortably than competitive machines.

The company’s undercarriage has undergone a complete transformation from a closed design to an open-rail and drive-sprocket design. The change increases sprocket and bogie life and makes the undercarriage easier and faster to clean. The company manufactures all rollers with mechanical face seals that don’t require maintenance for the life of the machine.

The tracks contain embedded copolymer cords for extra strength and are produced using a single-cure process, eliminating cure-point weaknesses in the track that can lead to premature breakage. The result is a 1,500- to 2,000-hour track life – 30 percent more than steel-embedded track units.

The unit features a Cummins 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The 75 hp engine produces 221 foot-pounds of torque. It achieves Tier 4 Final compliance using a diesel oxidation catalyst that requires no regeneration, no sensors, no diesel exhaust fluid, less wiring and no additional maintenance.

Caterpillar Silage Defacer

Cat silage defacer features heavy-duty design

Caterpillar Attachments now includes in its range of products the Cat Silage Defacer, developed for Cat compact wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders. The attachment is designed to cut and shave large silage bunks in order to improve material retention and to ensure more consistent feed quality, leaving a clean surface on the bunk and eliminating large amounts of oxygen penetration that can cause mold.

Available worldwide in three width configurations – 72, 84 and 96 inches (1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 meters) – the silage defacer uses a heavy-duty frame to house a front-mounted cutting drum. The drum is driven by a system of dual, hydraulic motors and dual, heavy-duty roller chains to optimize torque and reliability. The drive motors are mounted behind the drum and within the frame for protection from damage, and the chains feature cotter-pin master links for extended chain life.

High-tensile-strength, hardened-steel teeth on the drum – 5 inches (127 mm) in length – are arranged in a helical pattern for even load distribution and to ensure efficient cutting and facing, leaving a finely textured finished product for feed. The teeth are positioned at a precise angle to ensure minimal drum stalling and material cling. A standard crossover relief valve dampens hydraulic pressure spikes and diverts high pressure away from the host machine.

Caterpillar Bale Grab

Cat Bale Grab handles round or square bales with no wrapper damage

Caterpillar Attachments has added a Bale Grab work tool for skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, multi terrain loaders and compact wheel loaders having a universal, skid-steer-type interface. The versatile Bale Grab can grasp, carry and place round or square baled material, without damaging either the wrapper or the bale. The new work tool’s rigid design ensures reliability and long-term durability.

The attachment is designed to provide optimum machine stability when loading or carrying baled material. Bales of wheat, hay and other materials for livestock feed or bedding are transported easily to and from the bale wrapper and when moving and storing the material. The rounded arm design allows the unit to firmly grasp round or square bales, whether sitting flat or placed side down.

Designed for heavy-duty service, the attachment is available with either 71- or 84-inch openings, uses a single hydraulic cylinder to manipulate a variety of bale sizes and features hydraulic quick disconnects to enable fast tool changes. Tubular construction eliminates damage to wrapped bales, and for optimum reliability, durability and safety, it incorporates Cat XT-3 ES hydraulic hose, couplings and O-ring face seals for leak-free performance. All hoses are placed in nylon-woven sleeves for added operator protection.

Kuhn GMD 11 Series

Kuhn’s new GMD 11 Series disc mower proves versatile

Kuhn has announced the new GMD 11 Series mounted disc mowers. Three sizes are available to suit the needs of diverse operations: GMD 3511 (11 feet 6 inches cut width), GMD 4011 (13 feet cut width) and GMD 4411 (14 feet 3 inches cut width). Thanks to their horizontal pivoting design, these mowers are easy to transport down narrow roads and through small gateways despite their wide working widths.

Specially designed features make the series a profitable investment. Lift-control hydro-pneumatic suspension adapts to all field conditions. Pendulum articulation follows the ground closely, yet reduces soil contamination of the cut crop. The Optidisc cutterbar has differential disc spacing to improve cut quality and crop evacuation, as well as a lubed-for-life design that eliminates the cost and downtime of oil changes. Should the mower strike an obstacle in the field, the non-stop safety system pivots the unit back while the Protectadrive disc bearing stations protect the cutterbar.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Kuhn, John Deere, Kasco Manufacturing, Art's Way, JCB, ASV LLC and Caterpillar.