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Poll: Producers are broadening their crop horizons

Published on 11 July 2022

Even in uncertain times and uncertain market conditions, forage producers are still trying new things.

Progressive Forage asked readers if they were planning to try any new crops or rotations this year. The majority of responders said they were trying something new, even just a few acres.

A small group, 19.7% of responders said everything they planted was a new crop. The remainder of the voters were split pretty evenly between trying something new on a few acres, but staying mostly the same, and making no changes at all.  end mark 

Are you trying any new crops or rotations this year?

  • Yes - everything is new: 19.7%

  • A few acres of new, but most of it is the same: 40.2%

  • No - nothing new at all: 40.1%