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Poll: Online shoppers dominate readership

Published on 11 March 2015

Most Progressive Forage Grower online readers are also online shoppers.

In a recent poll, Progressive Forage Grower asked, “Have you ever bought a tractor part online?”

Online shoppers won the vote by a long shot, 80.3 percent to be exact. Not only do they shop online, but they also get a “whale of a deal.” Only a small portion (3.3 percent) of the total vote said that they had a regrettable experience buying parts online.

About 8 percent said that they have never bought a tractor part online, and that it “probably won't happen in this lifetime.” Another 8.2 percent said they have been looking for parts online, but they “haven't found the right part yet.”  FG

Have you ever bought a tractor part online?

  • No, probably won't happen in this lifetime: 8.2%

  • Yes, but I regret it: 3.3%

  • No, haven't found the right part yet: 8.2%

  • Yes, and it was a whale of a deal: 80.3%