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Poll: Ag webinar attendance doesn't compare to the real thing

Published on 10 August 2020

When most of the U.S. went under quarantine in early March, many spring ag educational meetings, trade shows and conferences were rescheduled, cancelled, or turned into virtual meetings. 

Progressive Forage asked readers how many of these virtual ag events or webinars they have attended since March 1st. The vast majority of respondents said they haven't participated in any webinars or other virtual ag events.

Almost a quarter indicated they have watched between one and five webinars, with the few remaining stating that they have participated in six or more.  end mark 

How many virtual ag-related trainings/events have you attended since March 1st?

  • Zero: 67.2%

  • 1-5: 24.6%

  • 6-10: 3.3%

  • 10+: 4.9%