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In your own words... What is one part of your operation you would like to change in 2010?

Published on 31 December 2009

“I would like to see higher digestibility in our forages. We have always used a high-forage diet with our cows and any time we can get better digestibility, we can get more money without changing anything else.

In this area, there is always room for some improvement.”

Bruce McCuaig
Ottawa, Canada

“It would be nice to get a higher protein content in our haylage to be able to reduce our supplement costs. Forage on our operation directly affects how much we make with our milking herd. Alfalfa tends to be the best way to handle this in our area as long as we can avoid winterkill in our fields. ”

Frans Cornelissen
Lancaster, Canada

“We have just started up a dairy and so we are trying to get the people who raise our crops to put in more alfalfa acres. Right now we are having to go further and further away to get the quantity and quality we would like to see on our dairy, so keeping it closer to home is a big part of our goals for the coming year.”

Clay Reese
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

“Timeliness of harvest would make things go a lot better for our operation. We seemed to have a lot of late alfalfa this year, cutting down on the quality we are looking for.

I realize we had a wet year and had to dodge a lot of rainstorms, but sometimes people on the harvesting side of things forget we need as high of quality feed as we can get.”

Jason Kittell
Princeton, Wisconsin