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In your own words... What crops are part of your total forage production?

Darren Olsen, Editor Published on 16 September 2009

What crops are part of your total forage production?

“Most of our forage production is based in haylage and corn silage which is produced for our dairy cows. We also grow ryelage, wheatlage and sudangrass which is generally used as part of our dry cow and heifer-feeding program.

We use these different feeds to keep us from having to grow so much corn silage and save on costs over the long run.”

Daniel Keller
Burkettsville, Ohio

“Alfalfa and corn are the main forages we produce for use by our dairy cow herd. If the weather cooperates, they give us the highest feed quality for the land we have to work with, so it all means more milk per acre.”

Joe Trybula
Neillsville, Wisconsin

“As a custom harvester, we typically work with people putting up alfalfa and corn silage. We have seen people trying to extend the season with other types of winter forages and for the most part, the longer they want to be working with forages, the better it is for our business.”

Luke Vander Kinter
Green Bay, Wisconsin

“I like producing an alfalfa/grass mix. Most people are baling big alfalfa squares, but I am trying to fill a niche market to horse and calf raisers needing smaller, high-quality bales. It is something very few people do in the area, so finding buyers in the area hasn’t been too hard.”

Richard Martin
Muscoda, Wisconsin