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Tubeline introduces new bale wrapper

Published on 13 August 2014
Bale wrapper

Tubeline Manufacturing has added a new individual bale wrapper to their bale wrapper fleet.

The budget friendly and easy to use TL1000R round bale wrapper mounts to any category two, three-point hitch and requires a minimum of 30 HP with remote hydraulic flow of 4-5 GPM.

The wrapper features adjustable bale guides, allowing 4 or 5 foot bales to be centered on the turntable, ensuring even delivery of wrap.

The new bale wrapper uses auxiliary hydraulics to spin the table and wrap the bale, sealing in nutrients and providing an airtight cover to block out moisture, preventing spoilage.

Once the bale has the desired amount of wrap, lift the three-point hitch to easily unload the bale.

The wrap counter allows you to set the desired number of rotations and also displays the current rotation.

After the bale has been unloaded and a new one is placed on the turntable, the knife easily cuts the plastic wrap for continuous operation.  FG

—From Cummings and Bricker Inc. news release