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Sysilco automated closure system for bunker feed storage now available in North America

Sysilco Published on 15 June 2012

This new product was introduced at the 2011 World Dairy Expo and is now being manufactured in both the U.S. and Canada.

It is a one-step covering system that utilizes a reusable, UV-protected cover with built in anti-freeze lines that provide optimal sealing and eliminate the need for tires and sand bags.

The drive system mounted on the bunker side walls unrolls the cover from a self-winding reel reducing labor costs and overcoming a number of feed quality management challenges common to bunker feed storage.

As large capacity farms continue to advance towards precision management, Sysilco is committed to deliver a quality product that is innovative in its concept for improving the quality of farm life.

Future developments include a patented enclosed automated feed out system to virtually eliminate exposure to oxygen and the elements, as well as limiting the effects of ROGs (reactive organic gases).

An open house is planned in South Western Ontario on July 17.  FG

—From Sysilco news release

Photo courtesy of Sysilco.