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Stoltzfus Spreaders introduces two new high-capacity spreaders

Published on 09 January 2015
Stoltzfus RC-1520 spreader

Stoltzfus Spreaders has introduced two 15-ton-capacity spreaders with wide adjustable wheel tracks, allowing flexible axle settings in two-inch increments between 90 and 152 inches for farms ranging up to 30,000-plus acres.

The new Stoltzfus RC-1516 lime spreader applies up to 7,000 pounds of lime per acre and also handles fertilizer, compost, poultry litter, sand and gypsum. The larger RC-1520 spreads all types of fertilizer, from 125 pounds to 4,000 pounds per acre. Both models broadcast spread patterns to 80 feet.

Steep 53-degree hopper side slopes on the R-1516 ensure a steady flow of lime, while 45-degree sides on the RC-1520 provide a high capacity of fertilizer. A Sawtooth Delivery System produces smooth flows when spreading low rates of fertilizer.

The RC-1516 hopper is 16 feet long, weighs 9,100 pounds and has a volume of 300 cubic feet, while the RC-1520 weighs in at 12,200 pounds and has a 20-foot-long hopper with a 510-cubic-foot capacity. Each comes with a fully welded unibody construction, with hoppers fabricated from Cor-Ten weathering steel.

“Fully welded unibody construction means substantially less flexing, cracking, joint stresses and loosening than bolted spreader bodies,” says Bernard Hershberger, president of Stoltzfus Spreaders.

Dual-hydraulic spinners are top-driven, reducing chemical exposure to their motors and bending forces caused by material pounding on spinner disks.

Standard features include a structural steel tube frame, self-aligning idler shaft, site window, electronic gate actuator and telescoping chain tightener.

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—From Stoltzfus Spreaders news release

The Stoltzfus RC-1520 spreader. Photo provided by Stoltzfus Spreaders.