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Skip the outlet, charge mobile devices with a bottle

Published on 22 May 2014
Sun Power Bank 3000

The next time a mobile device warns of low battery power when you are lounging on the back deck or on a getaway in the woods, skip plugging it into an outlet to charge.

Instead, charge it on a bottle with one of the most efficient solar devices, Secur Products' Sun Power Bank 3000.

Much more than the average solar panel, the Sun Power Bank 3000 combines a high-capacity, 3000 mAh lithium battery with an ultra-efficient solar panel that is capable of harvesting four times the power of conventional panels.

The Sun Power Bank 3000 can be charged to full battery capacity in two hours when charging via USB or in five to seven hours when charging via solar in full sunlight.

When full and during recharging, the charger can be used to charge smartphones, digital cameras, GPS devices, MP3 players and tablets.

The Sun Power Bank 3000 also features a built-in LED light that swivels to function as a high power flashlight or reading light.

The attached metal carabineer can be used to hang the charger; it can be folded to balance the charger on a table or to attach it to the neck of a bottle. The flexibility of the carabineer allows users to position the solar device in any configuration necessary to obtain ultimate sun exposure.

Water resistant and built to travel, the Sun Power Bank 3000 measures 3 inches x 4.75 inches with a weight of 6.65 ounces. It has an MSRP of $78.  FG


From Secur Products news release