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September 2019 new product rollout

Published on 05 September 2019
Disco 4000

CLAAS of America announces additions to line of balers and hay tools

CLAAS of America announced additions to its range of balers and hay tools. New offerings include the Disco 4000 TRC mower-conditioner, Rollant 520 round baler and Volto 55 TH tedder.

Disco 4000 TRC

Engineering advancements featured in the new Disco 4000 TRC help deliver higher quality feed, leading to improved milk production in dairy cattle. The Max Cut cutterbar and Active Float suspension result in a more evenly cut crop with less ash content. Also, new adjustable swath plates allow the operator to make any perfectly sized windrow.

Additional features of the mower-conditioner include:

  • 12 feet, 6 inches (3.8 meters) of working width
  • Chevron rubber roller conditioner with double belt drive for less maintenance and more durability
  • Spring-loaded pivoting cutterbar to keep the knives out of the soil for less ash and more protection of the stubble
  • New windrow spreader plates make for a uniform density windrow

ROLLANT 520RC 1500

Rollant 520

CLAAS is also extending its range of round balers with the Rollant 520. The new 4X4 fixed-chamber round baler features an updated design and upgrades for better fermentation in properly formed bales. The result for the operator is reduced spoilage, improved milk production and reduced labor and materials loss. More efficiently packed bales mean fewer bales to handle and more feed per bale.

The new baler includes eight newly designed heavy-duty rollers that have 4-millimeter wall thickness and shafts bolted to 15-millimeter-thick flanges for improved strength and durability when baling tough crops.

Additional features of the round baler include:

  • Updated drive concept for longer heavy-duty use
  • Reinforced frame that's 20 percent thicker than the 300 Series
  • 14-knife Roto Cut chopping system for maximum throughput
  • Hydraulic drop floor for blockage clearing
  • 5 millimeter-thick flanges for improved durability

VOLTO 55TH 1500

Volto 55 TH

The new Volto 55 TH helps operators spread the crop more evenly and faster for uniform dry-down and preserved nutritional value of the crop. The tedder offers a faster ground speed and a more even spread pattern with the Max Spread tine system. The very strong tube tine arms and Permalink drive system allow for high workloads for heavy windrow conditions. The innovative folding and tilt make it fast to move from field to field.

Additional features of the tedder include:

  • Reinforced tine arms and supports for longer life
  • Equal length tines for less contact to reduce ash in the crop
  • Hydraulic folding and tilt
  • Adjustable tine angle for slower PTO speed to save leaves in alfalfa or clover


CLAAS introduces next-generation Lexion combine

CLAAS of America announced the launch of the all-new Lexion 8000-7000 series combine harvester, designed for farm business operators who want more from their combine, with no compromises. The new combine is more powerful and features the highest capacity in the industry, designed with a host of features to outperform in and between fields, streamlining harvest and saving the operator time and money.

Enhanced efficiency for greater productivity

The new combine has exceptional capacity to harvest all types of crops in all types of conditions, covering more acres per hour and achieving even better grain quality while protecting against overloading.

The APS Synflow Hybrid system, an upgrade of the well-known APS Hybrid System, is the industry's highest capacity combine processor, meaning the new combine delivers 10 percent more capacity than the previous series. Grain handling is also improved, with unloading speeds as fast as 5.1 bushels per second and the industry's largest grain tank that features a whopping 510-bushel capacity.

Maintenance time is also more streamlined with a central lubrication system and Dynamic Cooling, cutting maintenance time by more than half. The Dynamic Cooling feature also serves as a barrier from dust and debris while enhancing cooling for larger engines with larger horsepower demands.

Precise machine adjustments for optimal results

The new generation of Lexion combine allows for more precise adjustments. Its unique ability to independently adjust threshing and separation enables the operator to precisely adjust the machine to meet changing crop conditions and increase grain retention. Operators can engage the intensive threshing segment and adjust rotor cover plates with new push-button controls, increasing their control.

Additionally, CLAAS continues to be an innovator in autonomous machine adjustment. With its release in 2013, Cemos Automatic technology has revolutionized the combine industry, improving operator performance by making automated machine adjustments. By using existing machine components and sensors, Cemos Automatic is able to gain the operator 10 percent more capacity, 32 percent less foreign matter in the grain sample and an increase of 58 percent in grain retention by continuously and autonomously adjusting and optimizing machine performance.

Kubota tractor

Kubota unveils the M8 Series tractor, its largest ag tractor ever built

Kubota's new M8 Series is purpose-built for comfort, power and simplicity. A variety of applications are available with easy-to-use and conveniently located controls. The cab boasts an impressive 148 cubic feet of space, and every inch is designed to deliver a superior operational experience. Ample sound insulation and premium seating provide a comfortable environment and is designed to mitigate operator fatigue during long days and nights in the field. The tractor’s cab was designed around the concept of “an office with a view” and includes various seat and operator comfort options, all-weather climate control, an ergonomically designed multi-function command center and excellent visibility.

The series is paired with the formidable Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine for exceptional reliability. Available in 190-horsepower and 210-horsepower models, the B6.7 delivers exceptional power, fuel efficiency and EPA Tier 4 Final compliant emissions.

Easy to operate, the new series is compatible with all leading industry precision farming solutions – whether engaging auto steering to simplify tasks or utilizing prescription mapping, the tractors are engineered for complete precision farming experience.

CLAAS tractor

CLAAS of America launches new Axion 900-800 series tractors

The Axion series provides the comfort and flexibility needed to work faster and more efficiently. With the most fuel-efficient PTO horsepower in its class, excellent cab comfort and superior cab visibility, this tractor is ideal for the livestock and livestock input producer, and also has applications in other markets.

The Axion 900 and 800 series tractors are enhanced by industry-leading fuel efficiency per PTO horsepower. While providing the same PTO horsepower as competitors, the tractor can provide up to 20 more useable PTO horsepower while using up to one gallon per hour less fuel. 

With a standard four-point suspended cab, Proactiv front axle, shock-absorbing front and rear three-point hitches, a semi-active seat and a list of other cab conveniences, the Axion delivers premium comfort for long days and nights in all conditions. Not to be forgotten is the superior visibility, enhanced by rear curved glass and forward B-pillar posts.

The 800 series features a powerful 6.7-liter Tier 4F engine with deep torque reserves to power through tough spots in the field and steep grades. Horsepower ranges from 200 to 280. The 900 series features an 8.7-liter Tier 4F engine with horsepower ratings of 320 to 440, depending on the model.

The 800 series is offered in a Hexashift or Cmatic (CVT) transmission to fit the specific needs of the operator. The 900 series is available exclusively with the Cmatic transmission.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of CLAAS of America and Kubota.