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September 2015 latest equipment announcements offer innovative designs on ag machinery

Published on 23 September 2015
Kuhn BTC 100 series Botec mixer wagon

Kuhn North America introduces BTC 100 series Botec mixer wagons

Large dairies and feedlots will appreciate the new ration flexibility designed into Kuhn’s BTC 100 series Botec four-auger mixers (PDF, 991KB).

The auger design eliminates dead spots, and the lower horsepower requirement results in less fuel consumption. The mixer is flexible for grain and roughage, with the auger diameters at 28 inches. Maximum load is 18,000 pounds (8,165 kg) and 550 cubic feet.

Kuhn Krause Landsaver 4810

Kuhn Krause Landsaver 4810 coulter chisel available to the market

Available in seven- to 25-shank configurations, the new Kuhn Krause Landsaver 4810 coulter chisel features new coulter gang assemblies, including maintenance-free bearings and innovative, constant-flow hydraulic down pressure. A completely redesigned K2000 spring reset shank option provides 32 inches of underframe clearance and a true 2,000-pound static point load for uncompromised compaction removal.

Michelin CerexBib

Michelin announces four new farm tires and mobile app

Michelin is launching four new farm tires for tractors, sprayers, harvesting equipment and large implements in North America. The new designs enable tires to operate at up to 40 percent lower air pressure compared with standard radial tires, resulting in a larger footprint for reduced soil compaction. The new tires include:

  • Michelin VF480/80R50 179D SprayBib
  • Michelin 710/45R22.5 165D CargoXBib High Flotation
  • Michelin IF900/65R46 190D AxioBib
  • Michelin IF1000/55R32 CFO 188A8 CerexBib

The CerexBib is the newest Michelin tire designed for large harvesting machines and grain carts. Launching in June 2016, it will offer a massive load capacity and a giant footprint. Built with Michelin Ultraflex Technology, it also minimizes the soil compaction caused by the newest large harvesting equipment.

Michelin also launched a free mobile application to calculate agricultural tire pressure. It can instantly work out the most appropriate tire pressure for the desired load and speed, increasing road safety as well as protecting the soil.

Vermeer MC4500 mower-conditioner

Vermeer brings larger mower-conditioner to the market

Vermeer is expanding their mower-conditioner line with the MC4500 mower-conditioner. Large volume operators can appreciate the 15-foot cutting width. Josh Vrieze, product manager, says, “The MC4500 mower-conditioner brings more size, speed, versatility and reliability to the operator in the field.”

Efficiency features included on the mo-co are a drawbar swivel hitch and a quick-clip blade retention system. Their patented Q3 Cutter Bar technology makes the mower more fuel efficient with minimal gear-to-gear interface, requiring less horsepower than gear-bed style cutter bars. Conditioner options include either a steel roller or v-tine design.

Vermeer BW5500

Inline bale wrapper introduced by Vermeer

Interest in bale wrapping increases every year, and to meet the need, Vermeer has added a new inline bale wrapper to its hay and forage equipment lineup. The Vermeer BW5500 is designed to give large-volume hay operations faster wrapping and more operational control.

The BW5500 is equipped with a digital controller that allows the operator to set the desired amount of wraps on bales by adjusting hydraulic flow automatically. The BW5500 has three 30-inch pre-stretchers, allowing for faster wrapping and less frequent load cycles. It also features an optional remote control to let the operator start, stop or steer the bale wrapper remotely.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Kuhn North America, Michelin and Vermeer.