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Reinke introduces variable rate irrigation

Published on 13 May 2013

Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. has announced variable rate irrigation (VRI).

A data-driven irrigation management product designed to improve water use efficiency and conserve energy while working to optimize quality and yield for growers.

Reinke VRI provides a fully-integrated agronomic VRI solution with a touch screen control panel and navigator GPS.

Reinke president Chris Roth said, “Our VRI Touch Screen control panel becomes the first fully-integrated agronomic VRI solution capable of importing water application prescriptions.

Helping growers achieve optimal performance is paramount to us, and we are proud to be able to develop and offer these technology advancements for our customers.”

Whether for multiple crops in one field, differences in soil type or terrain, the product is designed to enable growers to match water application to the unique changes within each field.

First, electrical conductivity and RTK GPS elevation surveys of a grower’s pivot path are conducted to determine topography and soil variables.

This data is then processed to determine the recommended water rates (prescriptions) for each field.

Each prescription matches the unique attributes of the field, crop and changing weather. With the partnership of CropMetrics, a data management company, Reinke offers Sector VRI and Zone VRI.

Sector VRI allows for varying the speed of the irrigation system, while Zone VRI allows for the turning on and off of individual sprinklers or groups of sprinklers.

Growers can also create and import their own application prescriptions using the Reinke VRI Tool. The prescription can remain in the touch screen panel for future repeated use. Growers can utilize this VRI capability by means of a simple software update.  FG

From Reinke Manufacturing Company news release.