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The DewEze BeefCake twin-auger cake feeder

DewEze expanded its ag line with the release of the BeefCake feeder. BeefCake is a twin, 6-inch auger-style feeder that reduces RPMs to prevent wasteful cube damage. The chain-driven feature rotates nearly half the speed of competitive auger-style cake feeders, thus handling cubes and mixed feed equally well.

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Cembrit introduces corrugated roofing sheets to the U.S.

Danish company Cembrit has introduced their high-density fiber cement (HDFC) corrugated roofing sheets to the U.S. ag market. The 4-by-8-foot sheets of 2-inch corrugations are known as Cemsix and are installed with self-tapping screws.

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New Kuhn Krause Dominator 4860 primary tillage system

The new Dominator 4860 meets the product requests voiced by customers searching for optimal tilled width productivity.

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Oxbo International introduces line of sprayers and spreaders

Oxbo Internationl Corp. has introduced a high-clearance front boom sprayer and a high-floatation, three-wheel drive spreader.

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Ram is celebrating its agricultural bonds with a new model designed specifically for America's farm families.

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AGCO rolls out RoGator C LiquidLogic system

AGCO introduces the RoGator C Series self-propelled row crop applicators and all-new LiquidLogic system. The new technology-loaded, user-friendly RoGator and liquid application system deliver innovations needed to meet the needs of today’s crop production industry, professional applicators and farmers.

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