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October 2021 new product rollout

Published on 11 October 2021
train track

Fairbanks Scales announces new weigh-in-motion railroad track scale 

Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world’s leader in weighing equipment, announced its new 2000 series weigh-in-motion (WIM) railroad track, targeted to dramatically increase productivity and eliminate occupational safety hazards.

Each 2000 series WIM scale is shipped with a Fairbanks FB400 instrument that meets all NTEP and AAR requirements. The FB400 is easy to operate and continuously reports through a user-friendly PC web interface that features customizable user preferences. Scale data integration into most customer ERP systems is possible. Individual ERP compatibility is determined during the project’s discovery and quoting process. 

The 2000 series WIM scale design has tremendous advantages for rail scale operators looking to safely save time and money. The aboveground modular design allows for easy maintenance and accessibility. Weighing the cars in motion will save immense amounts of time versus static weighing and improve processing capabilities. Combining the proven reliability of a 2000 series rail scale with the advanced weighing capabilities of the in-motion system provide a superior weighing experience. 

Fairbanks’ heavy-duty rail scale rocker column load cells feature a true hermetic seal at its cable entry point and is constructed of 100% stainless steel. The heart of the 2000 series WIM railroad track scale, this robust, fully electronic load cell has delivered reliable, accurate weighments for decades in the most demanding rail applications. It features air-tight moisture protection, an industry leading IP69K enclosure rating and Armour Guard stainless cable jacketing to protect its conductors

Beyond new scale installations, Fairbanks can now also convert existing static scales into an in-motion system, utilizing existing equipment as much as possible to save time and money during installation. The Fairbanks sales team will review the existing site and customize a proposal for exactly what is needed to get weighing quicker. To learn more about the new WIM scale, visit the Fairbanks Scales website.


Fairbanks Scales announces ACC-3300 quad loadcell controller

Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world’s leader in weighing equipment, announced its new ACC-3300 quad loadcell controller (QLC), designed to bring new levels of convenience, accuracy, and serviceability in a compact, space-saving design for industrial scale applications.

The Intalogix quad loadcell controller (QLC) is a new analog-to digital loadcell communications device, specifically created by Fairbanks to enhance the performance of industrial floor scales, tank scales and hopper scales. In these applications, the QLC replaces the scale’s analog junction box (internally or externally) to boost weighing resolution to levels up to 10 times greater than analog and enable the scale industry’s greatest load cell performance, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. The QLC also makes servicing the scale faster and less costly by allowing the operator to recalibrate the scale.

The QLC and compatible instrument can guarantee maximum accuracy out of the equipment by communicating with each load cell independently, allowing for cell-by-cell calibration. The system will also allow for real-time load cell diagnostics and identification of load cell issues. In the case of a load cell failure, the cell-addressed information allows for the immediate identification of the issue, reducing service time and improving scale uptime. If the failed load cell is in a tank weighing assembly, it can be replaced without needing to empty the tank or recalibrate the instrument. The bad cell can be replaced, and the mV/V value of the new cell can be entered at the instrument. Once that is done, the assembly will be ready to weigh accurately, regardless of the current levels in the tank.

Fairbanks exclusive Intalogix technology for industrial applications is now faster and produces unsurpassed scale resolution, thanks to their breakthrough interface device, the quad loadcell controller.


Massey Ferguson matches growers’ ambitions with 8S tractor

Agco Corporation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, announced a new era of farmer-focused technology and straightforward dependability with the North American availability of the Massey Ferguson (MF) 8S tractor.

The uniquely designed 8S, available in 205 to 265 HP, debuted at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, and is available for order through Massey Ferguson dealerships for delivery in early 2022.

The exciting new MF 8S series begins a new era for the storied tractor brand. Massey Ferguson began the 8S project with a blank page and built a complete farming solution based on an in-depth “Voice of the Customer” study, which included one-on-one interviews with operators around the globe.

The 8S features Massey Ferguson’s exclusive Protect-U design, creating a 9.4-inch gap between the engine and the cab. This unique feature protects the operator while giving tremendous front visibility and comfort.

Designed for comfort

The exclusive MF Protect-U engine and cab installation design provides visibility, comfort, efficiency and ultimate protection for 8S operators. The distinctive 9.4-inch space between the engine and cab reduces noise and vibration, making it one of the quietest cabs on the market.

Because the engine is separated away from the cab, it increases airflow, which contributes to better engine performance through improved cooling capabilities. It also contributes to heat insulation for the cab, keeping the operator comfortable while improving engine cooling capacity and efficiency, maximizing uptime.

The spacious cab – together with the narrow hood design, an inclined windshield bending toward the front and a higher vantage point – offers ultimate visibility and comfort.

The new cab layout uses simple color coding on all controls to help operators get right to work. The new MF vDisplay puts all the key information operators need in an easy-to-read digital dashboard that can be personalized. The Datatronic 5 terminal, standard on the 8S, allows operators to quickly and easily change setups on the hydraulics, transmission and engine to make operation simpler and faster.

Made for performance

The 7.4-liter tier 4 final Agco power engine delivers performance and stability in the 8S series tractors. Engine power management (EPM) provides a 5% boost to productivity and 10% fuel savings all at lower engine RPM, which also reduces noise. The 8S leverages the industry’s most mature SCR technology, paired with a simple, all-in-one aftertreatment system that provides for low-maintenance sustainability.

The 8S is available in two transmission options. The Dyna E-Power, the new dual-clutch transmission designed by Massey Ferguson for the 8S range, provides smooth shifting and speed changes with no torque interruption and superior power transfer to the ground. The Dyna-VT, Massey Ferguson’s proven CVT transmission, allows operators to select the exact speed and engine RPM needed for the job at hand.

For more information, go to the Massey Ferguson website.

in grained fertilizer

Tracer Minerals releases InGrained foliar fertilizer

InGrained is a uniquely designed liquid foliar fertilizer to provide bioavailable nutrients directly to your crops. Tracer Minerals formulated InGrained with extensive review of the biochemical pathways within plants with a focus on alternative absorption and utilization routes within the system. This foliar-applied product is stable and electroneutral, giving the advantage of being nonreactive in a tank mix with several well-known products and still be absorbed more effectively and efficiently into the plant. This product is applied at relatively low volumes with big plant impacts that can be measured by yield and nutrient content. This product has been tested in a wide variety of crops, farming practices and locations. Maybe it is time to think differently about nutrition.

For more information, go to the Tracer Minerals website.  end mark

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Fairbanks Scales, Agco Corporation and Tracer Minerals.