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October 2019 new product rollout

Published on 25 September 2019
Heliodor 9

Lemken introduces the Heliodor 9 for high-speed tillage

With high operating speeds and minimum power requirements, the Heliodor 9 offers farmers optimal versatility in light-to-medium soils, increasing efficiency and productivity for spring or fall applications.

Its short, compact frame design gives the unit an advantageous center of gravity. This enables the use of lighter tractors with lower lifting power. With 19 different models featuring a variety of working widths from 6.5 to 52.5 feet (2-16 meters), the Heliodor can be customized to fit any size operation. Depending on size and features, it can be paired with a tractor as small as 50 to 80 horsepower. The largest unit requires a 500- to 640-horsepower machine. Even with additional equipment, it can reach operating speeds of up to 12 mph with low fuel consumption, guaranteeing efficient and cost-effective tillage in spring and fall.

The unit features 20-inch (51-centimeter) serrated, concave discs that offer farmers working depths of up to 4 inches (10 centimeters). Discs are individually suspended with leaf springs for uniform cultivation depth and optimum leveling. This feature acts as an automatic overload protection since it allows each disc to ride over stones and other obstructions when necessary. Compared to rubber buffers, it also guarantees a greater degree of tracking stability. Nearly 5-inch (12.5-centimeter) spacing between discs enables high-output, intensive soil cultivation without clogging, further increasing efficiency.

Hesston by Massey Ferguson MF1316S

Hesston by Massey Ferguson introduces MF1316S RazorEdge pull-type disc mower-conditioner

The Hesston by Massey Ferguson model MF1316S RazorEdge pull-type disc mower-conditioner is built to optimize crop throughput and quality, helping operators cut and condition more acres in a day.

New, easy-to-service belt-drive augers at the ends of this 16-foot, center-pivot mower-conditioner move the crop quickly to the conditioners, minimizing double cuts, crop wrapping and buildup. The result is uniform windrows that dry faster and more evenly, enhancing the operator’s ability to form a heavy, dense, evenly shaped bale that preserves the quality of hay and forage.

The MF1316S replaces the MF1395 as the largest of the heavy-duty, fully welded-frame 1300 Series of RazorEdge pull-type disc mower-conditioners. The machine’s unique RazorEdge cutterbar ensures a smooth, clean cut; the hydraulically tensioned conditioner system reduces drying time to optimize crop quality; and the optional quick-change knife system, with the only one-handed quick-change tool in the industry, enhances operator convenience and safety.

Jaguar C Flex 1500

Jaguar 900 series Terra Trac forage harvester

At the Farm Progress Show, CLAAS of America rolled out the all-new Jaguar 900 series, 800 series, and Terra Trac forage harvesters, featuring even higher throughput, chop quality, fuel efficiency and time-saving features. The new Jaguar 990 and 960 are available with Terra Trac, the first forage harvesters to offer the feature for a more comfortable ride, reduced soil compaction and increased stability.

The Jaguar sets the standard for reliability, and improvements to the design of the new series raises the bar on machine longevity. A 30% stronger feedroll cabinet allows for smoother crop flow, more consistent chop quality and the highest reliability on the market. Premium line wear plates, knives and hard metal shearbar offer best-in-class service life. In addition, a larger fuel tank and LED service lights minimize downtime for refueling or maintenance.

The 990 and 960 models are available with Terra Trac drive systems that provide up to 25 mph (40 km/h) road speeds, a much smoother ride, reduced soil compaction and added stability and traction on slopes and all soil conditions. A headland protection function helps protect the ground from shearing while turning.

John Deere bale wrapper

Deere adds new baler-wrapper machines to its round baler portfolio for 2020

New to the John Deere round baler lineup for 2020 are the C451R and C461R Combination Round Balers designed to help producers more efficiently cut, bale and wrap all types of forage for higher quality feed.

The combination balers utilize the the company’s V-Series Variable-Chamber Baler with 7-foot (213-centimeter) wide pickup and MaxiCut precutter with up to 25 knives to size the length of cut, depending on operator preference. Two levers on the side of the baler give the operator the ability to engage one of two knife banks, or both, to achieve the desired length of cut.

The high-capacity feeding system features a large-diameter, fully integrated converging auger to ensure smooth, consistent flow of all types and condition of forages – from light straw to heavy, dense high-moisture alfalfa to tough cover crops – into the MaxD bale chamber. This results in more uniform bale size and density for improved storage and handling.

The C451R Combination Baler can produce easy-to-handle 4X5 (122X152-centimeter) bales, and the C461R model produces bales up to 4X6 feet (122X183 centimeters). To expedite baling, operators can continue feeding material into the baling chamber while the first bale is being wrapped and released.

Woods Equipment Compact Super Seeder

Woods Equipment introduces the Compact Super Seeder

Their latest attachment for compact or sub-compact tractors and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) or UTVs (utility task vehicles) is designed to handle the widest range of seed with the least amount of waste.

The versatile, full-featured, yet lightweight attachment is ideal for small-scale planting such as food plots, lawns, gardens, wildflower meadows, waterways and roadways. It is available in 48- or 60-inch widths to maneuver easily into narrow spaces, make tight turns and reach areas unreachable with a larger tractor.

Every model starts with a spiked drive roller and a cool-season seed box. Then the customer chooses a spiked roller or disc blades for the front tool, depending upon their soil conditions.

An optional second legume box allows planting two seeds at different depths in one pass.

The calibration system includes charts, a calibration tray and crank for accurate seed rates.

The Woods Compact Super Seeder can plant large and small seeds ranging from annual ryegrass to zoysia. Other large seeds include barley, Kentucky bluegrass blends, oats and peas. The optional legume box can plant small seeds such as alfalfa, clover, radish and sugar beets.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Lemken, Massey Ferguson, , CLAAS of America, John Deere and Woods Equipment.