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November 2021 new product rollout

Published on 03 November 2021

JLG enters North America agricultural industry with introduction of AG925 telehandler

JLG Industries Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company and leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers, marked its entry into the North American agricultural industry at Ag Progress Days in Furnace, Pennsylvania, the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, and Husker Harvest Days in Grand Isle, Nebraska, where the company featured its new AG925 telehandler.

Telehandlers are commonly used on farms and ranches across Europe for ground engagement and lifting tasks. In recent years, they have started to gain favor among large U.S. farmers for lifting and loading, as well as for general farm repair and construction tasks.

The JLG AG925 telehandler is an 8,800-pound capacity model with a 24-foot 9-inch maximum lift height. Its tight turning radius and 25-mph max travel speed allow it to work productively in and around barns, including up and down livestock rows.

The wide range of available attachments include a variety of carriages, forks, buckets, bale handlers and even a personnel work platform and auger, extending the versatility of this machine and allowing it to handle silage, load hay bales and clean out pens. When equipped with a quick coupler, the AG925 can also be used with third party and skid steer attachments to move feed, bedding and hay across a variety of farm types, including dairy, steer, hog and beef.

According to JLG’s president Frank Nerenhausen, JLG’s business model for the ag channel differs from its approach to construction and industrial markets “We are currently fielding inquiries and in discussions with dealers across North America to identify distributors who are like-minded, value premium products and seek to deliver the same gold standard of lifecycle product support and service to its customers that JLG is renowned for. These dealers will have exclusive distribution rights within a designated territory to represent and sell JLG agricultural telehandlers.” JLG will also be establishing dedicated agricultural sales and support teams.

For more information on JLG agricultural telehandlers, please visit their website.

110321 newproducts stowableutilityhook

Yanmar stowable utility hook offers versatile, convenient lifting for compact excavators

Yanmar Construction Equipment introduces the stowable utility hook to provide a convenient, factory-designed lifting point for Yanmar compact excavators without the need to use an attachment. The new option reduces the risk of damage to the machine, buckets or other attachments that result from attempts to lift heavy objects with a strap or chain connected to areas not intended to be lifting points.

Ideal for lifting heavy objects, the utility hook improves equipment longevity and overall safety by providing a dedicated, engineered lifting point built into the machine linkage. This provides a stronger position from which to lift, rather than putting strain on the end of the arm or the attachment. A strap or chain draped around an attachment or a bucket tooth, for example, can cause warping or risk of failure to the attachment or equipment since it may not be rated for such concentrated loads in that area.

The stowable utility hook is designed by Yanmar for Yanmar excavators, offering customers the peace of mind that comes with an original equipment manufacturer-supported product. The utility hook is engineered with the same reliability and performance standards customers have come to expect with Yanmar equipment.

The hook features a multi-directional design that allows it to swing in each direction, as well as 360-degree swivel movement. This provides operators optimal lifting position as well as the ability to easily position lifted objects when setting them into place. The swivel hook conveniently stows out of the way with an easy-to-operate lock pin when not in use. Maintenance on the utility hook is nearly effortless thanks to a single recessed zerk fitting.

The hook can be retrofitted onto all Yanmar compact excavator models from the ViO25 up to the SV100. Installation can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

Visit their website for more information about Yanmar compact equipment. Visit the dealer locator to find a dealer near you. 

110321 newproducts bobcat

New compact wheel loaders from Bobcat deliver serious performance and ROI

With a high bucket capacity, swift travel speeds and unmatched maneuverability, the all-new L65 and L85 compact wheel loaders from Bobcat deliver the performance to power through tough jobs with the legendary Bobcat versatility that helps owners get more use from their machine

Reach peak performance – job after job

Like Bobcat’s lineup of industry-leading skid steer and compact track loaders, the new L65 and L85 compact wheel loaders offer owners and operators a multi-tool solution to complete a variety of projects. With their heavy lifting capacities and high lift height, Bobcat compact wheel loaders excel at lift-and-carry tasks in crowded work zones and other challenging environments. With standard bucket capacities of up to 1-cubic yard, the L65 and L85 make fast work of tough material handling in landscaping, construction, agriculture and other industries.

In addition to buckets and pallet forks specifically designed and approved for these machines, the L65 and L85 easily integrate with a variety of other Bobcat attachments that extend the usefulness of the machine. For example, the power Bob-Tach System allows operators to share select attachments across their Bobcat fleet, expanding the versatility of their equipment and giving the most versatility and profitability on the dollar. The operator can also optimize the performance of an attachment relative to the task at hand with attachment-control mode. This feature enables you to control engine and travel speeds separately, allowing for optimal auxiliary hydraulic performance.

The L65 and L85 come equipped with a newly redesigned Tier 4 Bobcat engine that delivers efficiency and performance, plus thoughtfully engineered components for simplified routine maintenance. Operators will also appreciate the engine’s reliable cold weather starting and a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

When it comes to machine operation, operators will find the handling of these compact wheel loaders second to none. The machines’ articulated steering delivers high maneuverability and a tight turning radius, easily navigating jobsite obstructions and fitting into narrow spaces. Thanks to the electronic hydrostatic transmission (E-HST), the L65 and L85 make quick direction changes efficiently, increasing acceleration and adjusting speed control seamlessly. A powerful combination of the E-HST transmission and horsepower management automatically adjusts the loaders’ drive system to maximize pushing and loading power while minimizing the chance of stalling. Unlike other anti-stall systems, operators can obtain maximum engine and drive torque to match the toughest applications.

When it comes to bucket breakout force, Bobcat’s z-bar linkage design provides outstanding power while keeping loads parallel with the ground, resulting in minimal spillage and maximum productivity. Combined with an automatic parking brake with slope assist and brake pedal with inching control, owners can feel confident that they can manage their speed and task with power and precision.

110321 newproducts fliegel tmk

A true all-rounder in the field and on the road – the new Fliegl heavy-duty dump body TMK 266 S Profi

Heavy-duty dump bodies are characterized by a stable rounded body made of high-strength steel and were designed to transport heavy quantities of bulk goods. The disadvantage of these dump bodies is the low overall height of the side walls so that they are hardly suitable for transporting harvested crops due to the lower volume. In contrast, common dump bodies are ideal for transporting light products, but less so for use in the construction and municipal sector. A body that combines the good properties of a dump truck for field work and the positive features of heavy-duty bodies from the construction sector would therefore be ideal.

It is precisely this all-round vehicle that Fliegl created with the new TMK 266 S Profi. In order to be able to combine these requirements in one vehicle, Fliegl relies on extremely high-quality material and a large loading capacity at the same time. The halfpipe body is made of the fine-grain steel S700MC, which promises a high strength potential with simultaneous weight savings. The body is built on a tandem axle chassis with a painted frame and has a permissible total weight of a maximum of 22,000 kilograms. A hydraulically sprung towing device ensures improved driving comfort and convenient adjustment of the trailer height, depending on the requirements of the towing vehicle. With the optional body side extension of 500 millimeters, the volume of the trailer is increased by approximately 8 cubic meters to about 33 cubic meters.

Maneuverability is particularly important in the transport of heavy goods, and you can elegantly get around every corner with the optional forced steering. The possibility of forced steering increases driving safety considerably as the body runs smoothly behind the tractor and can be easily controlled at any time, even when there are sudden changes of direction or cornering. Also to be emphasized is the better slope stability, which plays a major role, for example in gravel pits with a greasy surface soil on slight hills. The Gigant Plus Jumbo axle unit, which is installed as standard, provides a high level of stability and a significant increase in driving comfort. In this chassis, springs are installed underneath the axles, which ideally dampen vibrations and ensure that the vehicle has a low center of gravity.  end mark

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of JLG Industries, Yanmar Construction Equipment, Bobcat Company and Fliegl.