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November 2018 new product rollout

Published on 29 October 2018
John Deere tillage tool

John Deere adds tillage models

No matter a producer’s cropping practices or agronomic goals, John Deere continues to expand its offering, including the new 2660VT Variable-Intensity Tillage Tool and 2680H High-Performance Disk for model year 2019.

The 2660VT is available in six models with working widths from 20 to 50 feet (6.1 to 15.24 meters) in three- and five-section configurations. Customers have a choice of tire options to suit their specific needs, including radial, bias or high-flotation tires. Walk-Over tandem wheels provide maximum stability and flotation, and stabilizer wheel options are available, based on configuration. Front-mounted, active-hydraulic depth-control castering wheels on outer wings are standard on all five-section configurations.

The variable-intensity tillage tool has compact transport dimensions to help operators get between fields with ease. The three-section models are under 14 feet (4.27 meters) high, and five-section models fold to less than 15 1/2 feet (4.72 meters) wide.

More importantly, the variable-intensity tillage tool allows operators to customize the gang angle from 0 degrees for sizing residue and vertical soil movement, to 12 degrees for aggressive horizontal soil movement and to bury crop residue. Operators can quickly and easily adjust gang angle with a manual slider or utilize TruSet Tillage Technology for more precise, 1-degree adjustments and prescription tillage capabilities from the cab.

Specifically, for the 2660VT, Deere is introducing the exclusive 22-inch (55.8 centimeters), heavy-duty Commander Blade with its double-cut edge to more easily penetrate hard soils and size and mix residue. This wavy straight blade on 7.25-inch (18.4-centimeter) spacings has a serrated edge and shallow concavity to fracture and lift hard soils with less smearing and is designed for low-draft tillage at maximum field speeds.

The 2680H High-Performance Disk is a true spring and fall tillage tool that combines speed and tillage performance in one machine. The high-performance disk is capable of field speeds of 10 to 14 mph (16 to 22.5 kph) to effectively till more than twice as many acres per day compared to traditional disks of similar size.

One unique feature is the individual 20-inch (50.8-centimeter) smooth or notched disk blades mounted on a rubber torsion suspension system with 9 inches of travel that allows the blades to follow ground contours, ride over obstructions and spring back into position for a consistent field finish. The blades, on 10-inch (25.4-centimeter) spacings for maximum residue flow, are angled 17 degrees on the front rank and 14 degrees on the rear rank for aggressive horizontal soil movement and crop residue incorporation.

Depth control is easy to set on the high-performance disk, thanks to a simple shim system. It also has greaseless bushings and bearings that increase uptime in the field by eliminating daily maintenance.

Deere offers a wide range of sizes – 15 different models from 8-foot (2.4-meter) mounted models to drawn models up to 45 feet (13.7 meters) wide – to match customers’ acreage size and horsepower requirements.

Vermeer TM810

Vermeer launches small trailed mowers

Vermeer introduced its new line of 10-series small trailed mowers for hay and forage producers seeking proficient cutting, simplicity and ease of use. The TM610, TM710 and TM810 trailed mowers feature the built-in protection of a rubber torsion suspension for smooth mowing performance in many conditions, including rough and uneven terrain.

The trailed mowers give operators three sizes to choose from, with 8.1-foot, 9.2-foot or 10.5 foot (2.5-meter, 2.8-meter or 3.2-meter) cutting widths. Simplicity runs throughout all three models. The hookup procedure is straightforward – after the hitch, PTO and hydraulics are connected, it’s ready to go to the field.

Tool-less adjustments allow users to set the suspension between fields. The Quick-Clip blade retention system lives up to its name. Horsepower requirements (50 hp [37.3 kW]) are on average 20 percent lower than comparable three-point disc mowers.

John Deere forage harvester

John Deere introduces forage harvesters

High-capacity forage harvesting doesn’t mean sacrificing forage quality. In corn, the all-new 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH) from John Deere provide up to 400 tons of throughput per hour, along with optimum corn silage processing that’s independent of the length of cut.

The four models, all with final Tier 4-compliant engines, include:

  • 9600 616 hp (460 kW) (625 ps) John Deere 6 cyl. 13.5L PowerTech Engine
  • 9700 759 hp (566 kW) (770 ps) Liebherr V12 24L Engine
  • 9800 858 hp (640 kW) (870 ps) Liebherr V12 24L Engine
  • 9900 957 hp (713 kW) (970 ps) Liebherr V12 24L Engine

Compared to its predecessor, the series is 10 percent more productive per horsepower and offers a 10 percent improvement in kernel processing. Up front, a new 772 12-Row, Big Drum Corn Header consumes up to 7 tons of forage per minute. Fuel consumption has also been improved by 10 percent per ton when compared to the 8000 Series, and wear parts on the new machines are built to last three times longer.

Massey Ferguson RazorEdge 1300 mower conditioner

Hesston 1300 Series disc mower conditioners unveiled

AGCO unveiled the Hesston by Massey Ferguson RazorEdge 1300 Series pull-type disc mower conditioners. The new series is heavy-duty, with a fully welded frame for reliability and maximum efficiency even in the toughest hay-cutting conditions. The unique cutterbar ensures a smooth, clean cut, and the hydraulically tensioned conditioner system reduces drying time to optimize crop quality.

The new pull-type disc mower conditioners replace the previous RazorBar models and include four choices to fit producers’ needs:

  • MF1373, a 9-foot 10-inch (2.9-meter) side-pull model
  • MF1376, a 9-foot 10-inch (2.9-meter) center-pivot model
  • MF1393, a 13-foot (3.9-meter) center-pivot model
  • MF1395, the largest at 16 feet (4.9 meters), is a center-pivot model

Each of the new mower conditioners is equipped with the RazorEdge cutterbar, which has a spur gear design to provide a thin profile and close cutting without tilting the header to minimize scalping, limiting dirt and debris in the crop to optimize feed value. Scrapers on the cutterbar also help keep the cutterbar clean by sweeping mud and debris off. The cutterbar also has a modular design so each gear assembly and adjacent idler gear can be individually removed without disassembly of the entire cutterbar. Counter-rotating discs provide improved cut quality while minimizing crop streaking.

Each mower conditioner comes factory-equipped with 18-degree “high lift” bottom-bevel Radura knives. These sharp, durable knives are created with a special cold-rolled process for a wear-resistant edge that maintains its sharpness longer than ground-edge knives. Other knife options also are available through AGCO Parts to match various crop and field conditions. To minimize downtime, an optional quick-change knife system and the handy, new quick-change tool make fast work of replacing cutterbar knives.

The mower conditioners crimp the crop every 3 to 4 inches with a single set of steel-on-steel conditioner rolls. This crimping action breaks open the stem for faster drying while preserving leaf quality. Plus, the herringbone tread design feeds and conditions material more evenly for improved windrow formation, helping optimize crop quality, protein levels and palatability.

In addition to the standard steel-on-steel conditioner rolls, operators may choose rubber-on-rubber conditioner rolls on models 1373 and 1376, and rubber-on-steel conditioner rolls for models 1393 and 1395. The rubber-on-steel conditioner rolls are fully engaged with a rubber top roll and steel bottom roll to crimp plant stems along their entire length so stems dry at the same speed.

Models 1393 and 1395 use the industry-exclusive hydraulic roll conditioning tension system, while models 1373 and 1376 use a spring tensioner to deliver consistent roll pressure. The 1373 and 1376 models are also available with a tine conditioner or may be ordered without a conditioner.

AgroChem ForageGuard logo

AgroChem receives approval for hay preservative

AgroChem Inc. announced that it has received EPA approvals for additional lines of its line of hay and feed preservatives. AgroChem’s HayFresh, HayFresh+Plus and ForageGuard are now EPA compliant for use on corn, feed blends, haylage and silage including wrapped high-moisture hay and feed blends.

“Receiving these EPA approvals significantly expands the number of uses for our products,” said Rob DeMarco, president of the company. “Farms can use just one product for multiple feed types. They can be confident that the products are safe for their land and the environment while preserving the value of their hay and feed when in storage.”

The company’s advanced line of chemical formulations used in dry forage preservation prevents mold and preserves the freshness and color of forages.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of John Deere, Vermeer, Massey Ferguson and AgroChem Inc.