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New self-drilling, polycarbonate insulators from Zareba

Woodstream Corporation Published on 05 April 2012
polycarbonate insluators

Woodstream Corporation, a global manufacturer of animal control products including FiShock, Zareba and ElectroBraid brand of electronic containment systems that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed wire fencing.

Introduces the industry's first self-drilling, screw-in polycarbonate insulator.

This new, aesthetically pleasing insulator can be installed within 10 seconds using a power tool.

The polycarbonate insulators, designed for use with wooden posts and a variety of wire types -  including steel wire, aluminum wire, poly rope and poly wire - can be utilized with both high-tensile and standard electric fencing.

They are fabricated to withstand harsh weather conditions, lasting the lifetime of the fence. Available in a box of 25, these new insulators mimic the look of porcelain with the strength of steel.  FG

—From Woodstream Corporation news release