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New large square baler series from Krone

Krone North America Published on 14 February 2013
Krone big baler

The new Krone BiG Pack HighSpeed range of large square balers delivers up to 20 percent more throughput, an increase that has been made feasible by two major modifications.

An increase in throughput capacity of the Variable Fill System (VFS) packer system and an increase in plunger strokes.

The BiG Pack VFS now has five tine bars versus six tine bars on previous models. This allows for more space for crop in the VFS, resulting in an increase in throughput capacity of 18 percent.

The system operates in five stages to feed the material into the pre-chamber where it is compressed before it is allowed to enter the baling chamber.

When the pre-chamber is filled with material the new cam-controlled sensing rake is pushed out of the VFS chamber, a system that ensures that the machine produces uniform, dense bales, even when dealing with small and narrow swaths.

The second major modification is to the number of plunger strokes. On the BiG Pack 1270, 1290 and 1290 HDP, plunger strokes have been increased by 18 percent from 38 to 45 strokes per minute. This also contributes to the 20 percent more throughput of these balers.

Further upgrades involve a larger diameter knotter shaft, which increased in size by 15mm to 55mm, wear plates that are bolted onto the bottom of the bale chamber to reduce the cost of wear in this area, and the new color touchscreen monitor that gives the operator a full overview of machine functions.

The twine boxes have also received some updates. They now have gas struts that allow operators to swing them up and fix them in their opened position for easy access to the baler for service and maintenance. The box is also sealed to keep dust and debris out and away from the twine.

LED lights, which are activated when the panels are opened, illuminate the area where the twine is threaded into the system.  FG

—From Krone North America news release

Photo courtesy of Krone.