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New Holland announces new center-pivot Discbine mower-conditioners

Published on 15 September 2014
center-pivot Discbine mower-conditioner

New Holland has taken the Discbine disc mower-conditioner to a new level of durability and function with two new center-pivot models.

Combining both speed and performance, New Holland’s new center-pivot Discbine 313 (13-foot cutting width) and Discbine 316 (16.3-foot cutting width) disc mower-conditioners are designed for cleaner cutting, more efficient crop flow and smoother, more effective conditioning.

“The larger discs and a wider conditioning system on these new models combine to provide cleaner cutting, better crop flow and more consistent drying in all types of crops,” says Michael Cornman, dairy and livestock segment marketing manager.

WideDry conditioning: 22.5 percent wider
The company’s new models feature the best-in-class WideDry conditioning system. The chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls, steel intermeshing rolls or LeaningEdge flails are 22.5 percent wider than previous models. The high cut-to-conditioning ratio provides less crop convergence, ultimately resulting in better hay quality.

The 125-inch WideDry system allows the crop mat to flow more smoothly and evenly through these wider rolls for more consistent conditioning and faster drydown. Excellent crop feeding, particularly in thick grasses, cane and other high-volume crops, showcase the new product to be a good choice in all crops.

Discbine disc mower-conditioner

MowMax II disc cutterbar: Larger discs and maximum durability
The rugged MowMax II modular cutterbar features larger discs with larger, heavier gears, bearings and interconnecting shafts for maximum durability and the protection of ShockPRO disc drive belts. Like the Durabine disc heads used on the company’s self-propelled windrowers, the larger disc diameter allows a closer cut with less cutterbar tilt for consistent cutting height without scalping.

The increased surface area of the larger discs and the new “tapered skirt” disc profile allows the crop to smoothly transition to the conditioner for more uniform conditioning action and reduced power consumption. Lightweight poly bifold shields provide easy access to the cutterbar and resist denting.

To reduce operating costs and downtime, the cutterbar is designed with individually sealed disc drive modules so if the mower hits an obstruction in the field, the damage is isolated and fully contained within the module. New Holland-exclusive ShockPRO disc drive hubs absorb the impact before damage to drive components can occur and are quick to replace in the field. These features ensure a cleaner cut, reduced operating costs and less downtime.  FG

—From New Holland news release

Photos provided by New Holland.