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Michelin introduces new 50-inch tire for large sprayers

Published on 27 August 2014
Michelin's new 50-inch SprayBib tire
Michelin's new 50-inch SprayBib tire

Michelin North America is expanding its Michelin SprayBib tire lineup with a new 50-inch model, the industry’s first very high flexion (VF) sprayer tire offered in this larger size.

The new VF420/95R50 177D SprayBib will share all the qualities of the current 46-inch SprayBib tire in the new, larger dimension designed for bigger sprayers that carry heavier loads. It will be launched in the replacement market beginning in September 2014, and can be ordered now on the model year 2015 John Deere R4045 sprayer.

“The reputation of the current 46-inch SprayBib has created demand from farmers and co-ops as they move up to larger sized sprayers,” said James Crouch, farm segment marketing manager for the company. “Farmers want this tire because it is the first VF solution for the 50-inch sprayer tire.”

Crouch said the new tire has a D speed rating that will allow for speeds up to 40 mph at a maximum load of 16,094 pounds. The new size, he said, offers the same features and benefits of the 46-inch tire, including the capacity to carry the same load at up to a 40 percent reduction in air pressure compared to standard technology tires, a 16 percent larger footprint compared with tires using standard technology, a reinforced casing for a longer service life and excellent road handling and responsiveness, even at a lower air pressure.  PD

—From Michelin North America news release

TOP: Michelin's new 50-inch SprayBib tire. Photo courtesy Osborne Barr.