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May 2019 new product rollout

Published on 01 May 2019
Great Plains fertilizer spreader

Great Plains 3900 fertilizer spreader

Great Plains is pleased to offer the Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 by Kverneland through its network of U.S. dealers. The new fertilizer spreader provides quick, accurate section control through a center-flow spreading system.

It regulates section control within 6.5-foot sections, with a maximum of 24 sections and the possibility to switch sections over the middle, keeping unnecessary overlaps to a minimum. Sections are controlled by changing the position of the fertilizer discharge point on the disc and the rate per minute. As the disc speed is unchanged during section control, the overlap between both discs is controlled to prevent variations in the spreading pattern, and sections can be turned on and off very quickly. There are two actuators in each disc: one to control the discharge point and the other to control the application rate.

Other features on the fertilizer spreader include an LED lighting set, four 5-ton load cells for accurate weighing and a reference sensor. The Exacta TL GEOspread 3900 also has the ability to automatically correct on slopes and adjust for shocks, maintaining its high accuracy, even in rough terrain and hilly conditions.

Special labeling for Liphatech’s Rozol Vole Bait in Idaho, Utah and Nevada

Rozol Vole Bait (RVB), a restricted-use pesticide, has been used and trusted to manage voles in dormant orchards and in border areas and buffer strips adjacent to crops for decades.

Following extensive field testing conducted by Mark Nelson and Nicki Frey of Utah State University, Beaver and Iron County extensions respectively, RVB has received special local need (SLN) labels for use in Idaho, Utah and Nevada. Liphatech is seeking the approval of an alternate brand name, “Rozol TGS,” in all three states.

Rozol is also available in other restricted-use pesticide formulations and labels for the control of pocket gophers and voles (meadow mice). Rozol’s pocket gopher bait label (a treated grain formulation, EPA#7173-244) allows below-ground application using a mechanical burrow builder or probe. Rozol’s Vole Bait label (formulated as a weather-resistant paraffinized pellet, EPA#7173-242) allows broadcast use in dormant orchards and year-round use on border areas and buffer strips around crop fields.

Great Plains air drill cart

Great Plains 350-bushel air drill cart

With a new auger design and two 175-bushel tanks, the ADC2352 Air Cart is equipped to work hard, covering a lot of ground in one day. The auger has been repositioned to the driver’s side and has increased capacity, which enables the drill to be loaded faster. Its well-balanced design simplifies folding and unfolding. For added convenience, the two tanks allow operators to run fertilizer or seed through either tank simultaneously.

Producers have the choice of ground or variable-rate hydraulic drive. The hydraulic drive gives operators access to on-the-go variable-rate seeding, while ground drive offers simplicity of operation. With new DrillCommand software that is fully ISO-compatible, operators have full control of drill and blockage functions with a simple and modern terminal. For user convenience, these simplified electronics are centrally located and easily accessible. The ADC2352 Air Cart also features larger tire options to prevent compaction and encourage even crop emergence.

Great Plains Ultra-Disk

Great Plains Ultra-Disk

The new Great Plains Ultra-Disk is a hybrid between a European high-speed disk and a standard disk harrow, giving producers a tillage solution like never before. The exclusive design is set to endure heavy-residue field conditions with 24-inch blades and more clearance between gangs. Its parallel gangs enable soil to be worked from 2 to 5 inches deep for consistent, primary tillage at higher operating speeds than a conventional disk.

It is equipped with serrated, low-concavity SpeedBlades that cut and incorporate residue. SpeedBlades turn 5 percent faster than concave blades with less sliding and reduced compaction. As one of the sharpest blades on the market, SpeedBlades have self-sharpening capabilities and a larger blade surface, allowing them to stay sharper longer and maintain their shape as they wear.

The sturdy, well-balanced design of the Ultra-Disk accommodates heavier, more aggressive rear attachments, while reducing negative tongue weight. To maintain consistent depth across the entire width of the machine, gang spreads are shorter front-to-rear than those on traditional tandem disks.

With a choice of three finishing attachments, producers can customize their Ultra-Disk to fit their field conditions. For those who have traditionally used a European high-speed disk or a standard disk harrow, this piece of equipment provides the advantages of both products packed into one aggressive tool.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Great Plains.