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March 2020 new product rollout

Published on 27 February 2020

BFGoodrich tires introduces first U.S.-made farm tire for implements

With an off-road legacy traced to motorsports and desert racing, BFGoodrich commercial tires now brings the brand’s legendary performance, durability and resilience to the farm with the launch of a new long-wearing, robust agricultural implement tire – the BFGoodrich Implement Control – to help American farmers protect soil quality and maximize yields.

Entirely American made, the tire is designed for pull-behind farming implements and tillage applications to handle heavy loads.

The new BFGoodrich Implement Control is a low-pressure, high-flexion IF tire designed to carry 20% more weight at the same pressure as a standard radial tire. This new premium implement farm tire includes additional features such as:

  • a renowned damage-resistant off-road casing that allows the tire to withstand rough impacts and endure a high load capacity
  • a high-performing, tough tread pattern that utilizes innovative rubber compounds to fight against stubble wear and tear
  • a large footprint that reduces soil compaction and increases yield
  • a flexible sidewall that allows for optimized performance for traction in the field and long wear on the road

The BFGoodrich Implement Control tire is designed to work with central tire inflation systems and is available immediately in sizes IF 320/70R15 and IF 280/70R15.

Corteva Agriscience unveils three new herbicides – TerraVue, DuraCor and ProClova

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered two new Corteva Agriscience herbicides – DuraCor and TerraVue – for the 2020 season and is evaluating a third – ProClova. DuraCor and TerraVue herbicides are powered by Rinskor active, a new active ingredient in the vegetation-management market, designed to deliver superior weed and brush control with tolerance to grasses, forbs, shrubs and other desirable plants. That combination provides two-fold advantages to vegetation managers. Rinskor received the American Chemical Society’s 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

DuraCor effectively controls common rangeland and pasture weeds, such as thistles, ragweed, horsenettle, pigweed and others. TerraVue can be used on roadsides, utility rights-of-way, natural areas and wildlife management areas, including grazed areas in and around these sites, among other locations. Both products will be available for the 2020 application season.

ProClova is designed to provide cattle producers access to a broad-spectrum weed-control product that preserves white clover and annual lespedeza and all their benefits. Pending EPA registration, Corteva anticipates making ProClova available to livestock producers for the 2021 season.

022620 fmc new authority

FMC launches new Authority Edge herbicide in the U.S.

New herbicide delivers outstanding residual protection against waterhemp, Palmer pigweed and other tough grasses and broadleaf weeds.

FMC launches Authority Edge herbicide, a new preplant and preemergence herbicide for the 2020 growing season. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration has been granted for use in soybeans, sunflowers and dry shelled peas, including chickpeas.

Authority Edge herbicide provides two effective sites of action to combat resistant weeds and help preserve the effectiveness of postemergence herbicide technologies. Its optimized low-use-rate liquid formulation of a best-in-class Group 14 herbicide with the newest Group 15 herbicide delivers long-lasting residual control of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Authority Edge herbicide controls a wide spectrum of weeds including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, pigweed, black nightshade, common lambsquarters, kochia, Russian thistle, morning glories, smartweed, foxtail, barnyardgrass and fall panicum. The new herbicide is effective against ALS, triazine, HPPD, ESPS (glyphosate) and PPO herbicide-resistant weed biotypes.

Authority Edge herbicide is part of the FMC Freedom Pass program, which includes: application innovations, agronomic rewards, product financing and product assurances.

022620 mecalac sitedumper

Mecalac introduces versatile and innovative TA3SH power swivel site dumper

Mecalac, a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment for urban environments, introduces the TA3SH power swivel site dumper for increased versatility and safety on jobsites. The site dumper is part of the TA3 range, which is designed for small to medium jobsites and is particularly useful in crowded or confined areas.

Like all power swivel site dumpers from Mecalac, the TA3SH is designed to deliver superior versatility and performance, especially on confined jobsites, such as housing developments or landscaping projects. The TA3SH is 13 feet (3.95 meters) long and 6 feet 1 inch (4.41 meters) wide. The power swivel technology features forward and swivel tipping mechanisms, allowing the load to rotate 90 degrees on either side before being tipped. This reduces the need to move equipment, enhancing productivity.

The Mecalac range of power swivel site dumpers features payload options from 1 to 10 tons. The TA3SH’s payload capacity is 6,613 pounds (3,000 kilograms), making it ideal for industries such as concrete, landscaping and urban construction.

All power swivel site dumpers feature a heavy-duty locking device. This keeps the skip facing forward while on the move and is just one of many features that ensures Mecalac power swivel models provide the highest level of safety.

Featuring state-of-the-art operator technologies, power swivel site dumpers set the standards for equipment innovation and performance. Available technologies include start-stop control, capture and hazard detection. Start-stop control improves on-site safety, minimizes fuel consumption and increases service intervals by automatically starting and stopping the engine in predetermined conditions. Capture is Mecalac’s innovative telematics solution, allowing rental centers and site managers to monitor unit location, distance traveled and hours completed each day. Hazard detection uses a microwave radar to provide flawless obstacle detection, further increasing safety on jobsites.

Each power swivel site dumper meets the latest emissions compliance standards and to avoid DEF- and DPF-related costs, engines are rated at under 25 horsepower. All models are equipped with Tier 4 engines.

Learn more about Mecalac’s full line of equipment at their website.  end mark