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Kay Dee launches new fescue granular minerals

Published on 23 July 2014

Kay Dee Feed Company, a manufacturer of livestock mineral and protein supplements, has launched two new granular minerals specially formulated for cattle herds grazing fescue grasses.

The feed company manufactures the granular weatherized mineral Super Ranger Kaydets. The newest additions to the Kaydets granular mineral line, Super Ranger Fescue 6 and Super Ranger Super 6 Fescue are highly palatable, weather resistant and supply cattle with the total daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals.

“Our granular fescue mineral products contain elevated levels of vitamin E, which are highly bioavailable and boost the immune, respiratory and digestive systems of cattle,” said Bill Gates, director of sales.

Tall fescue is the most common type of pasture forage in the U.S. due to its drought resistance, cool-season hardiness, nutritional quality and performance in poor soil conditions. Depending on different levels of rainfall and soil content, the quality of tall fescue can be dramatically reduced by the introduction of “fescue fungus,” or endophyte-infected seed heads on mature fescue plants.

The fungus is not visible to the human eye, but over 90 percent of tall fescue pastures in the U.S. are infected. Areas with lower than average rainfall have higher percentages of infected seed heads. Therefore, the fungus predominantly affects regions in the southern U.S. and can give grazing cattle what is commonly called “summer slump.”

Some of the common issues associated with fescue grazing and summer slump include:

  • Reduced conception rates
  • Lower milk production
  • Reduced weight gains
  • Lower feed intake
  • Elevated body temperatures
  • Loss of ear and tail tips
  • Rough and unhealthy hair coat

Dr. Jason Sewell, Kay Dee nutritionist said, “Supplementing with a fescue mineral can help alleviate some of the common issues associated with fescue grazing. Our fescue products offer complete and balanced nutrition and contain MOS (mannan oligosaccharide), which maintains beef cattle performance and supports rumen health.”  FG

—From Kay Dee Feed Company news release