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June 2022 new product rollout

Published on 09 June 2022
pivot wheel

EWRS-HS releases new skid steer tire

A new take on hard surface skid steer tires, Evolution Wheel is known as a leader in innovative top-quality heavy-duty skid steer tires. The EWRS-HS Series solid skid steer tire is the hard surface version of the EWRS-AT Series made for all-terrain. Best suited for surfaces like concrete or asphalt, the EWRS-HS Series solid skid steer tire is perfect for new construction, paving crews and recycling facilities.

Evolution Wheel knows that these types of jobs require excellent traction and longevity. So they set out to design a tire for these environments. Evolution Wheel spends a lot of time in the research and development stage for their products, rigorously testing them to make sure they produce the right tires for the job. 

To start, Evolution Wheel engineered the EWRS-HS Series for severe duty applications where tire wear is the biggest concern. To do this, they redesigned the tread pattern to maximize surface area. The EWRS-HS doubled the surface area of the EWRS-AT Series to 66% to spread the weight of the machine out. This lowers the pressure per square inch on the concrete while extending its wear life significantly. Additionally, the EWRS-HS Series has the deepest tread on the market, measuring at 52/32". The deeper the tread, the more it can wear, increasing longevity as well. These two features allow the tire to last three to five times the lifespan of a traditional pneumatic tire.

Solid tires have a bad reputation for being rough on machines and the operator driving them. Evolution Wheel wanted to reduce driver fatigue and make it easier for operators to perform their jobs while enjoying a smooth ride. To combat this, Evolution Wheel designed the EWRS-HS tire with specialized core geometry, referring to the apertures within the rubber. The specialized core geometry in these tires allows them to compress like a pneumatic tire without the bounce. The tread design also allows the machine to skid smoothly so the operator can push the machine harder and increase productivity.

Like all Evolution Wheels tires, the EWRS-HS is a segmented tire. This allows the operator to service the tire right on the job site with just a 3/4” wrench, replacing the damaged segment within minutes.

Evolution Wheel has built a tire that is perfect for skid steers operating on hard surfaces. Whether you are operating in mining, paving or waste applications, these tires are for you.

ASV attachment

ASV expands line of branded attachments with augers, breakers, trenchers and soil conditioners

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, has expanded its line of branded attachments tested for use on ASV machines. The new lineup features augers and bits, breakers, trenchers and soil conditioners. The attachments are tested to ensure maximum efficiency and performance with ASV equipment. Plus, contractors can benefit from working with a single point of contact for a comprehensive package of ASV equipment and attachments. 

“ASV is excited to further expand its line of branded attachments with the addition of trenchers, augers and bits, breakers and soil conditioners for CTLs [compact track loaders] and skid steers,” said Frank Gangi, attachments product manager for the ASV brand. “These new attachments are the perfect option for contractors who need enhanced versatility and want the guarantee that the tool is perfectly matched to their ASV machine.” 

The attachments are available through ASV’s dealer network and include a two-year warranty with all parts and support available directly through ASV. Additionally, each attachment is matched and tested for use with ASV machines for compatibility contractors can trust. 

“Our goal with these attachments is to increase accessibility for contractors to take on more jobs with their CTL or skid steer,” said Gangi. “We’ve designed our line of attachments with durable paint and heavy-duty construction to hold up to whatever the jobsite brings.” 

Along with the warranty and durable design, the expanded line of ASV attachments is also simple to finance. Eligible commercial buyers who purchase an ASV machine through an ASV dealer have the option to finance the attachment with their machine. 

ASV will continue to expand its attachment line to add to the growing capabilities of ASV machines and fill the increasing demands and variety of job-specific applications.

The attachments are available for order through ASV’s dealer network. Visit the website to find a dealer.

Case baler

Case IH launches heavy-duty flexible round balers for the busiest users

Case IH has topped its range of variable chamber round balers with the new RB HD Pro. Designed for larger livestock farmers and contractors, the new machine produces higher-density bales in a wide range of crops, from wet silage to dry straw. For top reliability and throughput, it has been fitted with heavy-duty components and fewer moving parts.

“We know that for farmers and contractors who use their balers a lot – typically 10,000 bales a year or more – durability and reliability are really important. With their needs in mind, we have looked at every aspect of the baler, not only to produce the best bales from every crop quickly, but also to make sure that they get them time after time after time,” said Michal Jankowski, Case IH product marketing manager. “To do this, we have strengthened and enlarged the rolls, shafts and tailgate, and introduced a more powerful gearbox and driveline – which also increases the numbers of bales per hour. In some places, we have simplified things to help reliability and maintenance, for example, reducing the number of driveline chains and sledge rolls.”

Able to handle up to 30 metric tons per hour, the RB HD Pro has been designed to manage everything from straw and hay to haylage and silage at different cut lengths, thanks to new no-slip dual drive rolls and a wide range of knife sets selectable from the cab. An extra-wide diameter rotor helps prevent blockages, while a new active drop floor means any that do get through can be cleared quickly.

“We have completely redesigned the bale chamber and belt path,” added Jankowski, “to give us neatly formed, very dense bales that will stack well and efficiently. Bale size, wraps and density pressure can all be set up on same screen page in the cab.”

In developing and testing the new baler, it has been put through its paces with farmers around the world to understand and match their needs and priorities: 150,000 bales were produced in a wide variety of crops and weather conditions in the testing program.

The new balers come in two bale size options: the RB456 HD Pro makes 120-centimeter-wide bales from 90 centimeters to 165 centimeters in diameter, while the RB466 HD Pro’s are also 120 centimeters wide but from 90 centimeters up to 190 centimeters in diameter. Each size comes with three rotor options: a feeding rotor, 13 cutter knives or 25 cutter knives, making six models in all.

The new RB HD Pro can be ordered from July 2022 onward for the spring season 2023.  end mark

PHOTO 1: Photo courtesy of Evolution Wheel.

PHOTO 2: Photo courtesy of ASV Holdings Inc.

PHOTO 3: Photo courtesy of Case IH.