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John Deere releases new 5E and 5ML tractor models

Published on 08 July 2015
John Deere 5E tractor

Like a boxer fighting above his weight class, the new four-cylinder 5E and 5ML series tractors from John Deere pack a lot of heavy-duty power and versatility for utility tractors of their size.

The new four-cylinder 5E series tractors are built for a variety of applications, such as livestock feeding, haying operations, roadside mowing and property maintenance. The two new 5ML models are low-profile machines that are perfect for working in orchards, livestock barns and other environments with restricted heights.

5E series tractors

Whatever the chore, the new four-cylinder 5Es feature heavy-duty frames, axles, engines and transmissions to deliver greater performance and value. Available in 85 and 100 engine horsepower, the 5085E and 5100E are powered by PowerTech 4045 diesel engines that meet Final Tier 4 emission standards. This engine gives tractors 3,200 pounds of rear-lift capacity and more than 3,500 pounds at full front loader height.

The transmission in these machines increases top transport speed by one-third. Operators can shift from low to high at the touch of a button, without even needing to clutch. The economy PTO lets operators reduce engine rpm to 1,700, which can lower fuel consumption by as much as 20 percent.

The new sloping hood and raised operator platform on cab models offer 3.6 feet of extra visibility in front of the tractor.

Design changes to the control pod and instrument panel provide easier monitoring and operating control. The operator has more information available on a single screen than ever, including warning lights, ground speed, PTO speed, PTO target bar and more.

Low-profile 5ML tractors

The company is also bringing out the new 5ML tractors, which are designed for working in low clearance and tight spaces.

“The 5ML tractors are available in two models, the 100-engine-horsepower 5100ML and 115-horsepower 5115ML,” says Ruben Peña, senior marketing representative, John Deere Augusta. “These low-profile M machines feature an open operator station, low-profile seat and ROPS, and sloping hood for improved visibility when operating under trees and in low buildings.”

These models come standard with Final Tier 4 PowerTech engines that automatically perform regeneration for maximum uptime.

Other features include a new backlit LCD instrument panel that makes monitoring tractor performance easier (even in bright conditions), two rear work lights and more.

To find out more about the new models, visit the John Deere website.  FG

—From John Deere news release

PHOTO: The new sloping hood on the 5E tractors allows better visibility for the operator. Photo provided by John Deere.