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InterSeeder Technologies launches new InterSeeder

Published on 16 July 2014

InterSeeder Technologies, a new company affiliated with Penn State University, has launched commercial sales of InterSeeder, a multipurpose machine that simultaneously plants three rows of cover crops while spraying post-emergent herbicide and nitrogen fertilizer in single passes between four or six rows of knee-high corn.

The proprietary all-in-one unit, which converts to a no-till grain drill, is the culmination of four years of field tests conducted during on-farm trials by Penn State in collaboration with the USDA, Cornell University and the University of Vermont. Trials took place at more than a dozen research and privately owned farms in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

“(It) is the only machine on the market enabling farmers to plant winter cover crops during June among growing stands of corn while spraying fertilizer and weed-killing herbicides in one operation,” said Chris Houser, cofounder of InterSeeder Technologies.

“Farmers in regions where post-harvest planting seasons often are too short now can produce cover crops that save on planting costs, improve yields and supply fall and spring forage.”

Cover crops are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable ways to control soil erosion and reduce nutrient pollution, Houser said.

Field trials verified that mixtures of annual and perennial ryegrass, clovers, hairy vetch, radishes, alfalfa and other grasses provide cover during spring and fall that prevent nutrient runoff. Cover crop winter root growth also captures and retains nutrients and replenishes soil.

InterSeeder semimounted no-till grain drill simplifies relay planting and sustainable farming and helps increase corn crop yields. An all-season implement, it operates effectively with a 90-horsepower tractor for planting wheat, cereal rye and soybeans, and its 10-foot length allows easy hauling on roads.  FG

—From InterSeeder Technologies news release