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February 2019 new product rollout

Published on 29 January 2019
John Deere wheel loader

John Deere introduces new compact wheel loader models

Offering operators increased productivity and significantly faster travel speeds, John Deere redesigned its K-Series compact wheel loader models with the introduction of the 244L and 324L compact wheel loaders.

The Articulation Plus steering system on these new models provides operators an unparalleled combination of lift capacity and maneuverability. This feature includes an articulated frame plus rear-wheel steering, providing excellent full-turn tip load and stability with a tight turning radius. 

Newly optimized linkage provides improved parallel lifting, with only 6 degrees of rollback. The 244L achieves an 8-foot, 3-inch (2,520 millimeters) full-lift dump height and a full-turn tip load of 8,157 pounds (3,700 kilograms), while the 324L with high lift reaches a 10-foot, 3-inch (3,130 millimeters) height, and standard lift is capable of a full-turn top load of 9,766 pounds (4,430 kilograms).

To increase productivity, the new models allow operators to move faster without having to manually shift the machine. A smooth auto shift hydrostatic transmission is coupled with an automatic two-speed gearbox, which provides a faster travel speed of up to 23 mph – a 21 percent increase in speed over the K-Series models. Both models are equipped with 73-hp (54 kW) Final Tier 4 engines.

Harvest Tec Model 720 Dew Simulator

New dew maker for dry hay introduced

A new product is coming to the aid of alfalfa growers in arid climates. Harvest Tec has introduced its new Dew Simulator. Alfalfa growers, particularly in western U.S. states, are often forced to shut down during harvest time for lack of sufficient moisture to retain valuable alfalfa leaves during baling. They are obligated to wait for evening dew to roll in, allowing for some hours of nighttime baling. Occasionally natural dew doesn’t arrive, but baling must proceed to stay on schedule.

The company’s new Model 720 applies hot mist to dry hay in the windrow prior to baling. Alfalfa producers in dry climates now have an affordable option to effectively moisten hay for best possible leaf retention, making higher quality hay with more value.

The Dew Simulator adds moisture to the windrow from the bottom up, much the same as natural dew. It is designed to increase hay moisture from 6 to 10 percent up to a more ideal 14 to 16 percent level. A 70- to 100-hp tractor operates the unit running ahead of the baler.

The model uses diesel-fired heaters to bring water temps up to 240ºF, and then it applies the heated mist at a pressure between 250 and 1,200 psi to deliver 20 to 40 micron size moisture droplets. With no special water requirements, the operator has the ability to refill a water trailer from any water source.

2019 corn product advancements

The new class of Pioneer brand corn hybrids includes 67 new, high-performing products ranging from 72 to 119 days comparative relative maturity.

The products that advanced to commercialization underwent two years of plot trials. This final research process characterizes corn products for the optimal geographical fit and measures product consistency over multiple years. New corn products include:

  • Ten new Optimum AcreMax XTreme products, which offer two modes of action for aboveground insect control and two modes of action for belowground control
  • Three new Optimum AQUAmax products, designed to help withstand drought conditions and protect against yield loss
  • Four new Optimum Intrasect products for aboveground insect protection

dye marked bale

H2O moisture sensor and bale marker for round balers

Harvest Tec has introduced a moisture-reading sensor system with precise accuracy for round balers. It features side-to-side sensing technology that reads crop moisture across the full width of the bale.

Bale marking capability has been added to the system, which was previously available only for large square and small square balers. The operator establishes a moisture threshold, and if the moisture in a bale exceeds that level, the bale is marked with a food grade dye as it exits the baler. The operator instantly sees bale moisture readings on any smartphone or tablet device, which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. Conveniently, the operator is still able to make and receive phone calls while the moisture sensor is at work.

Moisture is measured consistently across the full width of the bale by dual moisture sensing discs mounted on the chamber walls. The dual opposing sensors collect five readings per second through the outer 6 inches of the round bale as it grows.

The new H2O Precision Moisture Sensor and Bale Marker are available through your hay tools dealer.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of John Deere and Harvest Tec.