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Equipment and tools: September 2016 new product rollout

Published on 12 September 2016

Mattracks converts wheels to tracks

Mattracks has produced a commercial grade rubber track conversion system for your utility work machine, which you can convert from your tires to tracks in less than an hour.

Features include exclusive offset rocker suspension, two-piece HD steel sprocket, rubber coated UHMW wheels and a 15-inch wide all-terrain track with an easy steer option. The easy steer option provides effortless two- and four-wheel steering while minimally increasing the turning radius. There are 16 LiteFoot models to fit Bobcats 3400, 3400XL, 3450, 3600 and 3650.

Versatile Viking

Buhler Industries introduces new tillage tool

Buhler Industries is launching a new tillage tool designed for maximum seasonal flexibility in a variety of soil conditions. Available in 28 feet, 32 feet and 36 feet, the machine is available as the Versatile Viking, through the Versatile dealer network.

The Viking is designed to manage heavy residue in the most difficult field conditions. It is capable of running at high speed (8 to 10 mph), at 0-degree gang angle for minimum disturbance, and up to 16 degrees (in 4-degree increments) for maximum residue management in heavy residue conditions. Further, these machines are able to run in a wide variety of soil, residue and field conditions with the ability to chop, cut and size crop residue and move the soil and crop residue vertically with minimal soil compaction, and the ability to be less invasive while dealing with high residue conditions.

Designed as a year-round multi-use tillage tool, the Viking offers the flexibility for pre-season and post-season use.

Spring: 0 to 3 inches deep to warm, dry or aerate soil; a secondary tillage pass to prepare or firm up seedbed after another primary tillage tool has been over the ground. Also for use in working down crop residue remaining after the previous season, or to incorporate manure or fertilizer into the soil.

Fall: For use in residue management instead of or ahead of primary tillage, to manage heavy residue – to cut, chop or mix residue into the top 3 to 5 inches of soil; use in place of a heavy harrow to address down or lodged crop residue, clean up field edges, slough bottoms or wet areas. For incorporating manure or fertilized manure; level and spread out heavy crop residue; or cut and condition residue to help improve crop residue decay and reduce insect and disease concerns.

New features include:

  • Adjustable gang angle (from 0 to 16 degrees) for use in a wide range of residue and field conditions. Setup for minimum disturbance or leave maximum residue on the surface or aggressive residue management to mix soil with crop residue.
  • Choice of blade spacing and blade size: 8-inch spacing with 20 or 22 inch blades that cut and size residue into smaller pieces; 9-inch spacing with 22 or 24 inch blades in higher residue applications with more space between blades for residue flow.
  • Gang technology: 3,200 foot-pounds of torque, standard and extreme-duty bearings that provide maximum up-time and lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Heavy-duty machine with 800 pounds per foot (weight class) to ensure sufficient blade penetration in the most difficult field conditions.
  • Choice of finishing attachments – spiral flat-bar rolling baskets or three-bar coil tine harrows to prepare an excellent seedbed.

Field Cultivator Air Drill

Great Plains delivers tillage and seeding in one new tool

Great Plains offers the new Field Cultivator Air Drill. The unique machine combines a field cultivator with the 00 series drill openers, allowing operators to till soil and drill seed at the same time. The machine’s high productivity means less time in the field and lower input costs for farmers.

In addition to enhanced efficiency, the new machine utilizes proven technology to deliver a well-prepared seedbed and precision seed placement.

The machine’s design is based on an 8544 Field Cultivator. It features the Max-Mix shank pattern on 7-inch spacing, followed by a seedbed conditioner reel, to eliminate any weeds and uniformly mix soil, residue and fertilizer, if applied.

The implement, which is coupled to a large, 350-bushel cart, then places seed directly into the freshly-tilled soil with the company’s exclusive 00 series openers.

Great Plains 30-foot stack-fold planter

Great Plains introduces new 30-foot stack-fold planter

Developed specifically for the Delta region, but with nationwide appeal, Great Plains has released a new 30-foot stack-fold planter with individual hoppers. The simple, yet rugged, 3P3025AH Planter was designed in response to the popularity of its 40-foot predecessor.

The planter offers growers a unique variety of row spacings that are less common in the stack-fold planter marketplace today. These include 15-inch single- and twin-row configurations, as well as 20-, 22-, 30-, 36- and 38-inch single-row designs.

In addition to diverse row spacing options, users can expect simplicity of operation and accurate seeding from this new machine. Equipped with the company’s Air-Pro Meter and 25 series row units, the planter is designed to place seed at the desired depth, firm it in the seed trench and close the seed trench to support maximum yields. The planter’s three sections provide valuable flexibility and terrain-following abilities.

With a compact stack design, narrow 15-foot transport width and low transport height, this planter also offers safer, more convenient travel compared to other stack-fold machines. For lower-horsepower tractors with limited lift capacity, hydraulic lift assist is available.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Mattracks, Buhler Industries and Great Plains.