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Equipment and tools: October 2017 new product rollout

Published on 01 October 2017
Oxbo high-clearance sprayer

Oxbo International introduces line of sprayers and spreaders

Oxbo Internationl Corp. has introduced a high-clearance front boom sprayer and a high-floatation, three-wheel drive spreader.

The Oxbo 7550 is a high-clearance sprayer (6 feet 5 inches of ground clearance) with a high-capacity tank. The Scania Tier IV engine has five-cylinder, 9.3 L displacement and great fuel economy at 500-hour oil change intervals. Rated for 316 hp, the sprayer has a 1,750 rpm working speed, and 15 to 18 mph spray speed.

The Oxbo 4103 spreader is a three-wheel, high-flotation spreader providing a standard 15-foot box and all-wheel drive chassis. The comfortable ride allows the efficient 400 hp Scania engine and CVT transmission to apply any product across all field conditions. With 70-degree front-wheel steering, field turning is reduced; with a 20-foot 3-inch wheelbase, on Michelin 150/50R32 tires, the field traffic footprint is minimized.

Case IH Trident 5550

Case IH Trident 5550 combination applicator debuts

The Trident 5550 gives you the flexibility in a single piece of equipment to meet the demands of timely fertilizer applications and on-demand treatments for all types of pests. The latest precision application technology helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently across three seasons of use.

How valuable is a combination applicator that takes the better part of the day to convert? With the 5550, you can spend your morning spreading a highly customized nutrient package, and then over the course of not much more than an extended coffee break, be ready to put down a pre-plant herbicide in the afternoon.

This liquid/dry combination applicator embodies high-efficiency farming: efficient use of time, resources and inputs. And today, maximizing yield potential requires a more specialized approach to feeding and protecting. This equipment meets those demands across three seasons of use — pre-plant, post-emerge, postharvest.

The Case IH Aerial Lift Device helps convert from the 5550 liquid system to the NL4500T G4 Edge variable-rate dry nutrient applicator in just 42 minutes. The fast, easy changeover puts you back in the field sooner, helping you make better use of your fleet.

Challenger MT743 with Sunflower 6830 tillage

Challenger MT700 Series track tractors debuts

Challenger, a global brand of AGCO Corp., has unveiled the next-generation MT700 Series track tractors. Designed to meet the needs of results-oriented agribusinesses, these tractors deliver a new level of track tractor performance, ride comfort, operating efficiency and on-board intelligence to maximize uptime, productivity and profitability.

The tractor has been designed using the AccuEngineering platform and features new styling, as well as a new engine, transmission, undercarriage and hydraulics. Three available models from 380 to 431 hp are powered by AGCO Power 9.8 L diesel engines equipped with concentric air systems (CAS). The tractors’ AccuDrive power train features the convenience and smooth, seamless speed control of the company’s Accu-VT continuously variable transmission, combined with state-of-the-art operating technology to produce a “high-torque, low-speed” approach. This innovation allows the tractors to run in the maximum torque range while delivering low fuel consumption to help increase productivity and reduce costs.

All systems, including the hydraulics and PTO, are designed to run at lower engine rpm, to further lower fuel costs and reduce engine wear. The upgraded hydraulic system offers greater flow at lower engine rpm and the capabilities to meet the demands of the latest planters and implements. Now instead of running at full throttle to meet the hydraulic needs, the AccuDrive system allows full output at 1,700 rpm. Not only does this allow for the tractor to run in the peak torque range of 1,200 to 1,600 rpm, but it does so more efficiently with less engine wear. This system also results in a quieter working environment for the operator.

The primary suspension has been redesigned with rugged coil springs and high-capacity shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride compared with hydro-pneumatic suspension systems. Off-road style, heavy-duty shock absorbers provide precisely tuned digressive damping.

The MobilTrac System also has been redesigned by moving the hardbar farther forward, providing a longer wheelbase and more stability. The steel hardbar acts as a front axle, attaching to the forward point of the roller frame and providing up to 11 degrees of oscillation, to improve ride and minimize compaction. The pivoting carrier attached to the roller frame is now designed with the Tri–Bogie suspension. The mid-wheels provide unmatched suspension and track-to-ground contact, improving performance and comfort.

Vermeer balers

Vermeer completes two new baler models

Vermeer is pleased to introduce the latest 5X4 balers, the 504R Classic and the 504R Premium. These introductions complete the brand’s 504R baler platform by adding an economical, entry-level option, as well as a top-of-the-line baler.

While all of the 504R balers are built around the same design, the Classic and the Premium balers offer distinct features for different customers.

The Classic is designed for the part-time operator in search of a full-time baler. With low horsepower requirements, this baler comes with a four-bar camless wide pickup and the Atlas control system that includes a 4.3-inch color touchscreen. Additionally, the radial pin clutch, windguard roller and optional bale shape indicators make baling easier for the operator.

On the other hand, the Premium baler is a first-class baler designed with the versatility to handle wet or dry hay. More than a silage special, this baler is equipped with heavy-duty components including premium “rock” belts designed to handle more bale weight with added strength, optional flotation tires and a standard hydraulic pickup. With a faster pickup speed and tie cycle, the Premium is designed to handle more capacity for the operator who wants to bale at a quick, efficient pace.

Vermeer SBW8500 bale wrapper

Vermeer adds three single bale wrappers to product line

With a nod to the increasing popularity of baleage across North America, Vermeer adds three new single bale wrappers to their hay tool offering. The SBW4000, SBW8000 and SBW8500 are the latest bale wrappers that turn high-moisture hay bales into individually wrapped baleage packages.

“Every operation is different, but we believe if an operator is making less than 500 bales of baleage a year, a single bale wrapper may be the right choice compared to an inline wrapper,” said the company’s product manager, Josh Vrieze. “Another advantage of individually wrapped bales is they are easier to transport and sell than those wrapped in a row.”

The SBW4000 is for small operations looking to be able to wrap their hay in a static location near where they are storing their bales. The two hand controls on the wrapper turn the table to wrap the film around the bale and lift the table to discharge the bale.

The SBW8000 and SBW8500 offer more convenient features, providing an enhanced user experience. Both models offer a durable loading arm for picking up and wrapping bales in the field, as well as a new in-cab electronic control system with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen and keypad to manage the automatic wrapping process. In addition, the SBW8500 has a bale discharge system that helps gently move the bale off the wrapper to preserve wrapping integrity and tip the bale on end.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTO: Photos courtesy of Oxbo Internationl Corp., Case IH, AGCO Corp. and Vermeer.