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Equipment and tools: October 2015 new product rollout

Published on 12 October 2015
T7.315 New Holland tractor

New Holland expands T-family of tractors

New Holland adds the T7.290 tractor (290 horsepower) and T7.315 tractor (313 horsepower) to their family of offerings.

These high-power models offer the versatility of a medium-frame unit, with the option of rear and front dual wheels.

The new models meet Tier 4B emissions standards and feature Headland Turn Sequencing IntelliSteer auto-guidance. They also feature IntelliCruise ISOBUS Class 3 tractor-baler automation technology that enables the baler to control the tractor’s speed to optimize feed rate and produce a constant flake thickness. With IntelliCruise, the baler automatically adjusts the tractor’s forward speed in relation to the crop yield going into the baler. It calculates the best speed based on the information received from charge sensors.

Krone’s Big Pack 870 MultiBaler

MultiBaler from Krone tests the market

Eight small bales in one is the capability of Krone’s Big Pack 870 MultiBaler. The baler produces bales that are 2-feet-7-inches by 2-feet-3-inches, with the ability to tie up to eight small bales within one large bale.

The baler achieves up to 25 percent more bale density, compared with a standard large square baler, allowing the storage of more crop in less space.

Cliff Addison, Krone product development manager, says, “With its unique dimensions, the Big Pack 870 HS HDP allows the end user to store approximately 30 percent more material in a space only 4 inches higher than a typical stack of 3-by-3 bales. Each bale weighs approximately 97 percent of a standard Big Pack 3-by-3 bale. Typical multi-bales weigh approximately 80 to 90 pounds in alfalfa and grass mixed hay, dependent on the baler settings.”

Nelson Irrigation's 3NV nozzle

Nelson Irrigation introduces 3NV nozzle system for pivot sprinklers

Pivot nozzles can get plugged with debris and have to be removed for cleaning. Nelson Irrigation introduces the 3NV nozzle, which allows growers to simply push and turn the nozzle between on, off, nozzle flush and line flush positions to remove debris without removing the nozzle. And no tools are necessary. The 3NV nozzle can also act as a shut-off valve.

Krone EasyCut mower-conditioner

Krone EasyCut center-trailed, pull-type mower-conditioner announced

Joining the Krone family of mower-conditioners are the EasyCut TC400 and TC500 models. The center-trailed mowers are ideal for growers who require narrow transport widths. An optional end-wise transport is available and can be transitioned in only 30 seconds, controlled with the in-cab control box. The conditioner stands at 10 feet 9 inches on both models and is the widest available on the market today. Conditioning options include steel chevron rollers, polyurethane intermeshing rollers or new style v-tines. The operator has the ability to remove the conditioner if no conditioning is needed.

SmartControl wireless scale and hydraulic controller

Wireless scale and hydraulic controller released by Dinamica Generale

SmartControl wireless scale and hydraulic controller was introduced to the market by Dinamica Generale U.S. A handheld device in the tractor cab or field gives the operator total control of all weighing and hydraulic systems. The SmartControl system links to load cells with a “smart box” mounted on the mixer or spreader. During the loading phase, the operator can use SmartControl to control real-time weight information based on the ration recipe programmed into the system. During feedout, SmartControl manages all hydraulic functions, including the open and close of the discharge doors, belt activation and other processes.

The weighing system can be programmed with 99 different ration recipes and up to 48 different distribution programs, with a wireless range of 328 feet and an operational battery life of eight hours.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTO: Photos provided by New Holland, Krone North America, Nelson Irrigation and Dinamica Generale U.S.