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Equipment and tools: November 2016 new product rollout

Published on 08 November 2016
Vermeer baler

Vermeer launches next generation of pro balers

Vermeer added two new models to the Pro line of silage-focused balers. The additions include the next generation 504 Pro baler and the all-new 604 Pro baler, which are designed for operators who need the durability required for silage baling while maintaining the flexibility to put up high-quality dry bales.

The balers have quickly earned a positive reputation for baling wet or dry hay in extremely dense packages. The launch of the 604 model will now allow operators to have a baler that can perform Pro functions while making larger dry bales or smaller wet bales.

“Now, the custom operator who needs the ability to precut forage, make multiple size bales, bale wet or dry hay, can do it all with one baler,” says the company product manager, Josh Vrieze. “The bale density is what sets the Pro balers apart. We have seen operators unroll a 6-foot-by-4-foot bale and roll it back up with the 504 Pro in a 5-foot-by-4-foot package. The denser the bales, the less storage space, transportation and plastic or netwrap an operator should expect.”

Each baler is equipped with a camless wide pickup that requires no cam tracks or follower bearings, helping to reduce the maintenance required. Four endless belts eliminate lace maintenance to help increase longevity, and large float tires are available for smoother handling on rough terrain.

Vermeer TM1210

New 10-series trailed mowers from Vermeer

Vermeer Corp. introduced a new series of trailed mowers designed for even greater mower productivity with more convenient features than ever before. The TM1210 and TM1410 trailed mowers are built for the operator who needs to mow more hay in less time and wants features that can reduce the stress of operating, transporting and maintaining a large trailed mower.

While both machines maintain a 9.1-foot (2.8 m) transport width, the TM1210 cuts at 17.7 feet (5.4 m) and the TM1410 can mow up to 20.8 feet (6.3 m). The 10-series trailed mowers are equipped with a Q3 cutter bar featuring the Quick-Clip blade retention system and Quick-Change shear ring that simplify changing blades and repairing sheared discs. The two-point Quick-Hitch can make hooking up the machine a one-person process. To achieve a high-quality cut, the nitrogen-charged accumulator suspension system makes it easy for operators to adjust for various crops and conditions while maintaining proper cutter bar balance and pitch.

John Deere 8 row corn head

John Deere adds eight-row folding corn head to harvesting equipment line

Corn growers operating John Deere group 6 and 7 S-Series combines now have the option of using an eight-row folding corn head to harvest their crops. The new 608FC corn head helps customers overcome transportation challenges in areas with narrow roads and eliminates the need for header trailers, tow vehicles and related manpower.

The corn head is available in 30-inch row spacing with or without the stalk chopping option. For transport, the head folds quickly to a narrow 10.9-foot width. Like all 600C corn heads, this corn head has an improved row unit slip clutch and drive shaft interface for longer life when harvesting today’s more robust hybrids.

John Deere spray nozzle

John Deere introduces intelligent nozzle control for sprayers

Producers and ag service providers can gain greater accuracy over their spray applications with John Deere ExactApply intelligent nozzle control system available on new John Deere 4-Series Sprayers. Starting with 2018 models, this latest application technology provides sprayer operators a comprehensive solution that maintains consistent droplet size and pattern through a wide range of speeds, while reducing the potential for overlaps, skips and drift.

In addition, the product offers the following benefits to customers:

  • The ability to switch spraying between two pre-selected nozzles with the push of a button from inside the cab. This capability also increases the range of application to achieve consistent droplet size.
  • The ability to automatically vary the rate across the entire boom, ensuring the correct amount of material is applied to the right area of the field, even while turning.
  • Reduces the number of nozzles needed because of range increases on each nozzle.
  • Alerts the operator if a single nozzle is plugged.
  • Includes LED lighting on each individual nozzle for improved visibility of spray pattern in low-light conditions.

ExactApply is compatible with all boom sizes equipped with stainless steel plumbing. One major benefit is that operators have full variable-rate and shut-off functionality at the nozzle level (every 15-20 inches), which is an improvement over sprayers equipped with John Deere Section Control.

Massey Ferguson 5700 series

Four new models from Massey Ferguson’s lineup

Massey Ferguson, a global brand of AGCO Corp., expanded its heavy-duty utility tractor lineup with the new 5700 and 6700 series, offering outstanding weight and lift capacity for tractors in the 100- to 130-engine horsepower (hp) range. The tractors were introduced at the 2016 Farm Progress Show and join the company’s recently introduced 4700 series to round out the new Global Series. The MF5710 and MF5711 are 100- and 110-hp tractors, while the MF6712 and MF6713 provide 120 hp and 130 hp, respectively.

The 5700 and 6700 series are no-nonsense, durable machines with the weight, power and versatility to handle the toughest jobs. These hard-working tractors offer a level of styling and ergonomic design typically found in premium-priced products.

The 5700 series, equipped with four-wheel drive and a cab, weighs in at 9,840 pounds and features a three-point lift capacity of 7,716 pounds, full-stroke at 24 inches and maximum lift capacity of 8,664 pounds at 24 inches. The 6700 series four-wheel drive cab tractors boast a weighty 10,392 pounds, and have a lift capacity of 9,392 pounds, full stroke at 24 inches, with a maximum lift of 10,582 pounds at 24 inches.

Both the 5700 and 6700 series are powered with AGCO Power 4.4L, four-cylinder, Tier-4 Final compliant diesel engines, equipped with high-pressure, common-rail direct fuel injection, along with a turbocharger and intercooled intake air. A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission system allows the engines to operate at their peak performance without exhaust gas recirculation components or a diesel particulate filter, which requires fuel- and time-consuming regeneration maintenance.

All models are available in four-wheel drive with a 12FX12R, two-range Power-Shuttle with electro-hydraulic shuttle lever. A factory-installed creeper also is available. For operators seeking a more basic tractor, select models are available with two-wheel drive or a 12FX12R, two-range Syncro-Shuttle transmission. All four models in the two new series are factory-equipped with radial tires for increased stability under load, reduced compaction in the field and a better ride for increased operator comfort.

Challenger 1000 Series tractor

Challenger 1000 Series tractors debut

Challenger, a global brand of AGCO Corp., introduced an entirely new category of tractors to North American agribusiness operations. Designed to deliver lower cost of ownership and improved productivity per acre, the Challenger 1000 Series tractors can be the single solution for both heavy draft and row crop work.

The tractors combine the power of a small-frame, articulated four-wheel drive with the flexibility and speed of a lighter-weight, fixed-frame row crop machine. They are offered in four models ranging from 396 to 517 engine horsepower with a weight range of 31,204 pounds (14,153 kg) to 50,706 pounds (23,000 kg).

The tractors are built upon the new AccuEngineering platform. This is the company’s approach to developing smarter, more intuitive products that increase a farm’s productivity and reduce input costs.

In the quest to provide a single solution for different applications on the farm, AGCO engineers combined a number of innovations. They began by powering the tractors with high-capacity, six-cylinder, 12.4L, MAN engines with VTG turbochargers, which adjust to optimize airflow for optimum power boost over a wider rpm range. The result delivers an impressive 1,770 foot-pounds of torque at a lower engine speed of 1,100 rpm. This “high-torque, low-speed” approach allows the tractors to run in the maximum torque range while delivering low fuel consumption.

In addition, the tractors were created with a light base weight and convenient ballasting system to make them easy to adapt and ideal for row crop and road work. Maximum road speed of 31 mph is reached at a fuel-saving 1,200 rpm.

Engineered for productivity, the Tractor Management Center (TMC) of the Challenger 1000 Series puts all tasks and functions within easy reach, reducing time, distraction and fatigue. Access to the Advantage armrest, the 10.4-inch AccuTerminal, Advantage joystick, PTO controls, crossgate (lever optional) and keypad are within easy reach of the operator’s fingertips. The ergonomic design and functionality give the operator complete control and reduces excessive body movements so the operator can focus on implement performance. Each tractor function is color-coordinated with the control that operates it, making operation simple to learn in minutes.

Case IH baler

LB434XL large square balers raise the bar

The new LB434XL 3-by-4 large square baler from Case IH helps high-volume hay and forage producers bale more acres per day thanks to improved capacity and greater bale density.

The baler is designed from the ground up for large-scale hay and forage operations with a lot of ground to cover and a short time to do it. Operators will immediately notice a 31.5-inch longer bale chamber. This 31 percent increase over current LB434 balers delivers up to 10 percent higher bale density. Greater density means more crop per bale, decreasing bale count as well as handling, wrapping and transportation costs – helping producers economically reach new markets.

The new baler is built to handle capacity. Additional enhancements to this workhorse model include:

  • Robust design
    • The heavy-duty plunger hammers out uniform, dense bales at 48 strokes per minute, while the rugged PTO driveline handles 40 percent more peak torque. Increased pickup auger thickness, more robust axle and bearing options, and a stronger frame add to overall durability.
  • Larger platform
    • A larger platform makes baler clean-off easier for greater productivity. Folding safety railings simplify shipping and road transport, along with better access to the front of knotter fans.
  • Improved bale-ejection system
    • The extended bale chamber ensures bales drop more gently with less twine breakage. Partial or full bale eject options feature an active teeth system for greater durability and reliable bale ejection.
  • Hydraulic hose identification
    • Color-coded decals identify hydraulic lines to simplify tractor hookup.
  • LED work and service lights
    • Clear illumination to key areas such as pickup, twine boxes, needles and knotters, and the rear safety rail provide better visibility.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Vermeer, John Deere, AGCO Corp. and Case IH.