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Equipment and tools: November 2015 new product rollout

Published on 10 November 2015
Reinke Pivoting Lateral Move System

Reinke introduces new Pivoting Lateral Move System

Reinke has announced its new Pivoting Lateral Move System, which is designed to combine the benefits of a center pivot with those of a lateral move irrigation system.

“We’re excited to offer our new Pivoting Lateral Move System to growers,” says the company’s product manager, Cody Bailey. “This new system is the longest system configuration available in the industry, offers improved machine versatility and precision controls, and really allows growers to get full control of their fields.”

The system (with integrated GPS guidance technology) is ideal for irregular-shaped fields, allowing growers to increase irrigated acreage and put under-utilized land to work. The system can be readily programmed to perform a multitude of designs, including common path configurations such as outward and inward swings (180 degrees and 90 degrees), and can be set up to autonomously move between a pivot mode and a lateral mode.

Programming of the system is designed for a grower-friendly approach, using the industry’s only pivoting lateral field designer program and ready setup through a touch screen control panel. The panel has been customized specifically for the system, allowing growers to import an image of their field and program the stages to cover every available acre. With no limit on the number of possible stages to configure and with visual confirmation of what has been programmed, growers have complete control of how their system moves throughout the field.

Krone Swadro TS 680

Krone releases new generation of rotary rakes

Krone's new generation of Swadro rotary rakes include the Swadro Trailed Center (TC) and the Swadro Trailed Side (TS) models. The new rotary rakes are for medium to large dry hay or silage producers who require even and consistent windrows.

The Swadro TS rakes have the capability of making one or two windrows, and they can rise more than 19 inches for high ground clearance during headland turns so windrows are not damaged.

The Swadro TC rakes form one windrow down the center of the rotors. The new feature on all TC models is manual height adjustment located on the rotor, with a height indicator displaying the current adjustment.

All of the new generation models feature a new curved tine design that effectively picks the crop off the ground, minimizing contamination and improving the forage quality.

All new Swadro models have a reduced transport height of less than 13 feet. This is achieved without removing the tine arms, meaning the machine travels quickly without hassle between fields, and the operator does not have to leave the cab.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc. and Krone North America Inc.