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Equipment and tools: May 2018 new product rollout

Published on 01 May 2018
Kinze Mach Till

Kinze adds new high-speed disc tillage line

Kinze Manufacturing is expanding its offerings with the addition of four high-speed disc tillage models, Mach Till 201, 261, 331 and 401.

Susanne Veatch, Kinze president and chief marketing officer, said the new Mach Till high-speed disc products support farmer interest in faster tillage that enables them to stay ahead of the planter and be more productive by covering more acres in less time.

The new product line is based on a Canadian design produced by Degelman Industries that has been licensed to Kinze to build at its manufacturing facility in Williamsburg, Iowa.

In addition to high speed (8 to 12 mph) and high capacity, the versatile lineup offers simple setup and ease of use, maintenance-free parts and the ability to perform in various soil types, from fall primary tillage and residue management to spring secondary tillage and seedbed preparation. The product is built heavy for high speed and deep working depth, but provides great flotation for lighter seedbed preparation that minimizes soil compaction.

Anchor for Hay bag

Ralco launches Anchor for Hay

Agnition, a brand of Ralco, announced that it has launched Anchor for Hay, a dry granular product that preserves higher moisture hay and maintains hay quality over time while reducing the risk of heating and spoilage. Anchor for Hay provides producers with greater flexibility of baling earlier in the day, later at night and in more humid conditions while helping to lock in nutrients for more palatable bales.

This product is powered by Microbial Catalyst technology that stimulates an inoculant blend and increases microbial activity of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in hay. The versatile product is also made up of organic acid, which will not rust balers because it is in a dry form.

Research demonstrates that bales treated with this product remain cooler, resulting in less heat-damaged protein. Cooler bales result in improved preservation of nutrients and help maintain relative feed value (RFV). In a controlled study, hay treated with this product maintained a RFV 30 points greater than the control. Producers also notice that treated bales grind easier.

This product is available in a 50-pound bag and is applied to hay with a Valmar 455 applicator.

Challenger MT743 with White Planter 9824VE high-speed planter DJI 0742

AGCO’s White Planters introduces two new planters

AGCO Corp. unveiled two new planter models under the White Planters brand. The planters offer features conventional and no-till farmers are requesting, so they can accurately plant more acres of corn during the ideal planting window that is so critical for optimum yields.

Growers who want to accurately plant more acres per day while minimizing yield-robbing compaction can turn to the new White Planters 9924VE planter. This 24-row, 30-inch large-frame planter has a 150-bushel, dual tank, central-fill system that allows planting of approximately 300 acres before a refill is needed. It rides on a track system, which is 67 inches long and available in 25-inch or 30-inch widths.

The WP9924VE comes from the factory with the vSet meter, vDrive electronic drive system and fully integrated 20/20 SeedSense monitoring from Precision Planting. SpeedTube and DeltaForce automated downforce are available as factory-installed options.

The WP9222VE planter has vSet meters, the vDrive system, 20/20 monitoring and is available in a 12-row, 30-inch configuration. This flex-frame design makes it easy to add row-unit-mounted tillage coulters to cut residue and prepare the seed zone ahead of double disc openers. The planter is built with extra strength in the wing pivot joint and linkage to handle punishing no-till conditions. It also offers liquid fertilizer options with frame-mounted fertilizer openers.

The vDrive system allows row-by-row seed meter control, providing precise population control around headland curves, saving seed and ensuring ideal plant spacing for optimum yields. The vDrive allows multihybrid, prescription planting as well as row shut off to eliminate over planting point rows and end rows. The SeedSense monitor tracks and displays population, speed, skips, doubles, row unit ride, downforce and ground contact on the go, allowing the operator to adjust as needed to optimize seed placement and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

ACG10 Accumagrapple

RhinoAg unveils compact flex-wing rotary cutter and hay handler machines

RhinoAg Inc. unveiled three new pieces of gear at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The company's new products include two hay-handling machines – the ACG10 Accumagrapple and the MBS Mega Bale Splitter – and a reduced footprint version of its TS cutter series, the TS10 flex-wing rotary cutter.

MBS Mega Bale Splitter

The Accumagrapple is unique because it easily converts to a grapple for unloading in just a few minutes. It functions like a giant hand, gathering, lifting, loading and off-loading hay bales using only one operator. It offers the flexibility of mounting on a tractor or skid loader. The Bale Splitter mounts on skid steer, tractor loader or telehandler vehicles. It grips and retains the bale’s wrap or twine while splitting the bale in half for easy feeding in hay rings, alleys and mixer wagons.

TS10 rotary cutter

The TS10 rotary cutter features a smaller footprint especially suited to homesteads with livestock. Its flex-wing design allows cutting on rolling terrain without the multiple passes typical of fixed-deck cutters. Average mowing speeds of 4 mph mean less cutting time and more “me time.” The flexible 10-foot deck fits through smaller gates where only single spindles dare to travel. The TS10 keeps property looking good, in half the time.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Kinze Manufacturing, Ralco, AGCO Corp. and RhinoAg Inc.