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Equipment and tools: May 2016 new product rollout

Published on 01 May 2016
Case IH True-Tandem 335 Barracuda vertical tillage tool

Case IH brings a new vertical tillage option to market

Producers can aggressively manage heavy crop residue and soils with the new True-Tandem 335 Barracuda vertical tillage tool from Case IH.

This vertical tillage lineup quickly cuts, incorporates and evenly distributes the most stubborn crop residue up to 4 inches deep. This creates the potential for a blacker surface finish and an increase in nutrient cycling for the next crop.

Capable of cutting up to 4 inches deep, the new 22-inch Earth Metal Barracuda blades help producers reach deeper depths and achieve a smooth field finish. New chisel-tipped serrations allow the blades to retain sharpness and durability, even under tough field conditions.

Additional features that ramp up the aggressiveness of the new vertical tillage tool include:

  • Capability to run at 6 to 9 miles per hour. Operating at 8 miles per hour, a producer using a 34-foot machine can cover 28 acres per hour.
  • A rugged, pull-through frame that balances weight distribution.
  • The 22-inch, crimp center blades are engineered using a unique process and steel formula to prevent brittleness and elasticity.
  • An 18-degree gang angle matched to each blade’s shallow concavity provides thorough soil mixing without causing back-side blade compaction.
  • Front and rear gangs and blades are properly indexed to one another.
  • The hydraulically adjustable rolling reel helps produce more uniform clod sizing, soil particle stratification and residue distribution.
  • The ability to retrofit the Barracuda blade to Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo or 335VT models.

The new vertical tillage tool is available in working widths from 22 to 34 feet to match most tractors.

Michelin Tires CerexBib tire

Heavy equipment ag-tire rollout from Michelin

Michelin Tires introduced the new VF520/85R42 CFO 177A8 CerexBib tire. Michelin’s very high flexion (VF) tires include a class of agricultural tires designed to handle bigger and heavier farm equipment that has a greater ability to flex under increased loads than standard radials, designed expressly for large combines and grain carts.

Features include:

  • Function at a lower pressure
  • Improved traction in all conditions because of the larger tread footprint
  • Excellent service life (even at low pressure) because of casing with reinforced sidewalls
  • Better for on-road travel because it enables farmers to use a narrower tire to carry the load

CerexBib offers a massive load capacity of up to 21,960 pounds and has a giant footprint of approximately 486 square inches. It enables tires to operate at up to 40 percent lower air pressure than standard radial tires.

Atlas Copco XATS 900E electric portable air compressor

Atlas Copco introduces new electric compressor

Atlas Copco featured its new XATS 900E electric portable air compressor for the North American market. The compressor features four preset flow and pressure selections to give contractors versatility and rental centers greater flexibility in their fleet offering for improved return on investment.

The compressor features a high-efficiency 160-kilowatt WEG 22 motor. Despite the industry-wide focus on Tier 4 Final regulations, the compressor’s electric motor exempts it from emission regulations, so it’s usable in any state, province or territory. In addition, the electric motor gives contractors a cost-effective alternative to traditional diesel-fueled air compressors because electricity prices are less volatile than fuel costs. The new air compressor operates at a very quiet 73 decibels – about the same as a vacuum cleaner.

Atlas Copco designed the XATS 900E for dependable operation and high-quality results. The compressor comes standard equipped with an aftercooler and water separator with fine filters to reduce moisture as well as oil carryover in the output air, and a bypass should non-filtered air be desired.

The compressor features an easy-to-use digital interface, main breaker, sequence phase relay and external emergency stop button for simple controlling and monitoring of the unit. Operators can use the compressor’s digital interface to set the airflow to one of the four preset flow and pressure ratings, which range from 879 to 906 cubic feet per minute at 100 to 150 psi discharge pressure. This essentially gives users four units in one.

The compressor features a heavy-duty, galvaneel steel frame and enclosure, and with a footprint of just 44 square feet, it’s easy to place at tight jobsites.

Its large doors provide full access to all maintenance and service points, all of which are on one side of the unit, to minimize servicing time. The unit also has a heavy-duty air filter that features a safety cartridge, which protects it from the elements to ensure reliability in any environment. Its 100 percent spillage-free frame will contain all of the compressor’s fluids – diesel, both engine and compressor oils and engine coolant – if a leak occurs. This gives contractors peace of mind on environmentally sensitive projects.

DewEze 1000 Series Flatbed

Harper Industries announces DewEze 1000 Series Flatbed

Harper Industries introduces the DewEze 1000 Series Flatbed exclusively for the work truck market.

The series comes standard with features for functional performance and lasting durability. Gatorhyde lining, a polyurethane coating, covers the flatbed deck to create a corrosion-resistant surface that can withstand inclement weather and extreme conditions. Efficient, ultra-bright LEDs, located on the full-view headache rack, side clearance and tailgate, offer improved lighting and visibility. Stake pockets, a 40,000-pound recessed gooseneck-ball receiver hitch and D-rings also come standard.

Depending on the job requirements, the flatbeds are customizable with a square or beveled rear end for turning radius flexibility. Across-the-bed and underbody toolboxes, with stainless steel latches, and side rails can be added for additional storage. For additional lighting requirements, a controlled-position swing light kit attaches to the headache rack and conveniently folds away when not in use.

ReinCloud dashboard on dashboard

Reinke introduces ReinCloud

Reinke announces ReinCloud, a better way to collect and display field and irrigation data for improved irrigation management. ReinCloud allows growers to manage and monitor their irrigation system, analyze soil moisture data, check the weather and more from a single mobile web application.

Growers have access to Reinke irrigation system data, as well as data from connected in-field hardware and industry-leading data partners through the application. Data is collected, stored and can be analyzed and presented through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether it’s remotely monitoring and controlling a center pivot, collecting soil moisture information to adjust irrigation schedules or a personalized weather forecast for day-to-day planning, this app can help growers make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

This app provides growers with a unique and productive experience on their everyday devices, including smartphones, tablets or laptops with Internet connectivity. It also makes it easy for growers to customize their dashboard and add widgets that are most important to them in their daily field management and monitoring operations.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Case IH, Michelin Tires, Atlas Copco, Harper Industries Inc. and Reinke Manufacturing Co.